Chapter 1.2 The Moving HouseMature

When Haley woke up again, she was lying on bed. The old man was sitting next to her staring at her intently.

“So you’ve finally waken.” Haley only nodded. The old man handed her a small cup. “Here, have some water.”

Haley took a little sip of the water. It tasted stale. She made a face.

“It must taste horrible.” The old man spoke for her. “Tell me. What is it like over there?”

Haley looked at him confused as she put the cup down.

“Over where?” She finally asked.

“Over on earth.” Haley’s eyes bulged at that comment.

“I’m not on earth?”

“No. Not anymore. You’re now on the unfortunate land of Hallucin, otherwise known as Second Earth.”

“What?” Haley looked around. “I must be dreaming or something. This isn’t possible.”

“This is no dream young lady.” The man rebuked her strongly. “You will die if you treat this world as a dream.”

Haley stared at him wordless. The man sighed.

“I suppose you won’t be convinced until I tell you more about Hallucin then.”

Haley nodded.

“Hallucin was a sister world to earth. It’s original name was Second Earth. Yet some disaster befell this world somewhere around the bubonic plague. Something contaminated everything on this planet. Whatever it was, this contaminant caused hallucinations to the extreme degree. The planet disappeared from human history and all cities converted to the name Hallucinia as the hallucinogens took over.”

“Just like Alexander the Great.” Haley whispered.

“Yes. Just like him.” The man paused for a moment. “Only a few people remained uncontaminated. They created a barrier to protect themselves and marked themselves with the Singe. They eventually became arrogant and very corrupt, forgetting about everyone else. We are now running low on fresh food and hallucinations are becoming more and more common.”

“That’s terrible!” Haley gasped.

“It is, but there is more to the story.”


“That is something I cannot reveal to you yet, for it is top secret.”

Haley was taken back a little, but she understood. Telling your deepest darkest secrets to a girl found on the streets at not the best idea.

“So where am I now?” Haley asked in a much brighter voice.

“You’re in Moving House, literally a moving house.”

The End

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