Hallucination chapter 2Mature

Chapter 2

I opened my eyes, everything was black. I sat up, feeling cold and freaked out. I covered my naked body and started moving north, the ground felt smooth and cold as if I were walking on linoleum. I shivered as a cold breeze swirled around me. "Hello?" I asked cupping my hands around my mouth making sure whoever was near could hear me. .. No answer. I continued walking til I saw a bright light. I cautiously walked toward it, afraid of any dangers. 

I reached the light, it was a bright little ball of light. I touched it lightly, staring at it. 

My eyes shot open. I looked up, I was outside, it was in the afternoon. The sky wasn't its normal baby blue, but was now a neon rainbow swirl, in the center was a bright white sun. I looked down I was laying in a field, the grass was an aqua color and the trees , which where upside down, had pink bark and blood red leaves. 

I got up and looked at what I was wearing, a black and red plaid skirt, a white long sleeved shirt, white knee-high socks and black shoes. My hair was clean and in a pony tail. I walked around a little while. The trees bore fruit, the fruit where little white clouds. I picked one and played with it. 

Don't eat it. I heard a voice say as the wind blew. The voice was soft and seductive sounding. I obeyed and put the small cloud down. I spotted a large cave, I walked inside. The inside was beautiful, the rocks where covered in tiny droplets. The rocks where smooth and tons of stalagmites hung down from the ceiling, the cave immitted a soft blue glow and in the middle was a beautiful lime green lake. I looked at my reflection in the lake, my piercing holes were gone and my scars, bruises, and cuts were gone too. My skin was a cream color instead of my usual pale color. My eyes were a deep ocean blue color and my hair no longer had streaks in it. 


I sat in the cave watching the sky. I was confused, why was I here, what was this place, why is everything so strange? I sighed. 

"Adra! Adra!," A very familiar voice called my name. I stood up. It sounded like my mom. I ran out of the cave. "Adra!," the voice called again. I ran toward the sound, the sound came from a 2-story house, the house was baby blue with a white trim and a black roof.

I ran toward the house seeing someone in the doorway waving to me. I almost started crying when I saw who it was. It was my mom, my beautiful mom. I ran toward her and hugged her tight. The tears started flowing. She smelled like she did when she died, she smelled like coconuts with limes. I smiled up at her, "Why are you here? What is this place?" I asked. 

She smiled and laughed,I missed her beautiful laugh so much. "Calm down, my love, " She always called me that. "This is Niran." 

"N-Niran? What's that," I asked, I tilted my head.

She smiled, "Niran is a place where the dead go, only some go here, the people here come here to be happy. The people who died that are here were extremely happy with their lives and wait here for their families to come here. Here they will live together forever with the people they love and the lives they loved." She explained. 

I looked around. "This... This was our old house... I remember this house. " I smiled. I stopped and looked down. "I wasn't happy with my life, so why am I here?" 

She beamed. "Because you're my daughter and you were happy with me," She kissed my forehead. 

I hadn't had been this happy in 6 years. 

The End

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