Halloween McFluffer Preview

A preview of something I was inspired to do after listening to a radio-show that reads out a series of childhood books.

You may recognise the name.
If you don't, it's a very minor character from the Animorphs series.

We (that is, the radio-show and I, and even some of the listeners) felt this character needed more of an appearance.

Decided to do a Halloween version.
And here's a preview - I'll post the rest when they've read the whole thing live on air.

Hope you like it!

I woke suddenly. The crackling of the fire had stopped. In fact, the whole thing had died. I looked around the living room.


My ear twitched at the sound. My eyes locked onto the source.
Suddenly I was looking at myself. But the 'me' I was staring at had fur that was no longer orange. Instead it was white. 'My' eyes switched from yellow to green. Then to red.
I think.
Aren't I colourblind?

Oh well. I just know there was something different with my fur.

I sprang to my feet and trotted towards... 'me'. It didn't move.
It wasn't a picture of me in that thing called a 'mirror' the human girl so frequently used.
So it was a flesh-and-blood me....?

I stopped a few feet away.

'My' ears flattened back,  'my' lips drew back to reveal fangs that glinted in the moonlight streaming through the window.

And 'I' sprang with a yowl that tore a hole in the silence of the night, claws itching to rip my fur, teeth with the urge to taste blood..

And I was defenceless.


The End

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