We had a new pupil?

"Have you seen Max today? He was supposed to phone me when he found Sean," I asked Pippa in form the next morning.

Pippa put down the book she was reading.

"That must have been who he was looking for earlier. Who's Sean?"

"Max's little brother," I looked at her stupidly.

"Oh," Pippa thought for a minute. "I thought Max was an only child."

That just made no sense. Had I been imagining Sean for the past thirteen years?

My thoughts were interrupted by Mr Carter.

"Could someone please tell me who Katy Murray is?" he asked. A few of my classmates shared confused looks.

"She's the new girl," I answered. "She started yesterday."

"Right..." Mr Carter still seemed unsure.

Either I'm losing it or something's going on here, I thought to myself. First Sean, now Katy. How can these people just vanish?

"Avril?" Pippa nudged me. "Are we still having that horror night on Friday?"

"Uh...yeah," I said, my thoughts miles away from Friday night.


The End

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