A visitor in class

"Hey, Pip," I said as I sat down next to my other best friend in form. "You missed the prank on Skye this morning - it was absolutely hilarious."

Pippa laughed. "I might not have seen it, but I certainly heard it. God, that girl has a right set of lungs on her."

"Right folks," Our form teacher, Mr Carter (who was also my uncle, but let's not get into that), said as he walked towards the door. "As you know, we have a new pupil joining our class. Everyone - this is Katy."

I groaned as the girl walked in. Her long blonde hair was tied up in a high ponytail, her ‘designer' trainers were worn done and she was wearing what looked like every piece of tacky jewellery she could get her hands on.

Mr Carter smiled. "Find yourself a seat...I'm sure you'll make friends quickly in here."

"Awright," Katy said boredly, choosing a seat next to three boys at the back of the classroom.

Pippa's expression pretty much summed up my thoughts: Why God? WHY?

Mr Carter saw us exchanging glances and walked over to out desk.

"Be nice," he uttered through gritted teeth, before addressing the whole class. "So...The register..."

As I was about to protest, the bell beeped away. How could I be nice to someone who was such a...a...a...ned?


The End

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