Halloween Horror

This was written about 2 years ago for school, so its a bit rusty, but basically, its about a girl who's live is going pretty well, until she finds that her boyfriend is hiding a dark secret...

Let me take you back. Back to when my life was happy. Back to when things were normal. Back to when I was alive...


"Avril! Avril! It's a spider!" my best friend, Skye, screamed at me. "Don't touch it, it's huge!"

I sighed, bending down to pick it up while Skye took three giant steps backwards.

"You're scared of this?" I raised my eyebrows, pulling four small wheels and a battery pack off of a fake tarantula.

"Every bloody year! Halloween is worse than April Fools' for me. I swear, next year, I'll be prepared. I'm not falling for it again."

"You say that every year, Skye, and I'm still waiting for it to happen." I laughed, noticing a mop of blonde curls hiding behind a small red brick wall. I headed towards it, hearing stifled laughter and someone muttering "Damn it, she's caught us!"

"Too right I've caught you Max." I said, looking over the wall. "Oh, and Wyatt, I can see your hair."

Max (my boyfriend) stood up, hitting Wyatt over the back of the head.

"Next time we pull a prank on anyone - get a haircut...or wear a hat."

"Why don't you get a haircut?" Wyatt replied lamely.

The school bell cut our conversation short. Instead of the traditional ‘wooden spoon clanging off a cowbell', it was a series of beeps. New school, new technology.

"See you later," I called, turning to make my way up the ramp into the school.

Before I left, Max kissed me goodbye.

I passed him the toy spider.

""Do me a favour and give the remote control back to Ben...he doesn't know you took one of his precious cars apart."

Max stuck his tongue out at me, saying, "Sure thing, Avi. Sure thing."


The End

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