Halloween Fluffer Full Fanfic

You may recognise the name.
If you don't, it's a very minor character from the Animorphs series.

We (that is, the radio-show and I, and even some of the listeners) felt this character needed more of an appearance.

Decided to do a Halloween version.
Here's the full thing - they finally read it live on air. And did a brilliant job of it.

I woke suddenly. The crackling of the fire had stopped. In fact, the whole thing had died. I looked around the living room.


My ear twitched at the sound. My eyes locked onto the source.
Suddenly I was looking at myself. But the 'me' I was staring at had fur that was no longer orange. Instead it was white. 'My' eyes switched from yellow to green. Then to red.
I think.
Aren't I colourblind?

Oh well. I just know there was something different with my fur.

I sprang to my feet and trotted towards... 'me'. It didn't move.
It wasn't a picture of me in that thing called a 'mirror' the human girl so frequently used.
So it was a flesh-and-blood me....?

I stopped a few feet away.

'My' ears flattened back,  'my' lips drew back to reveal fangs that glinted in the moonlight streaming through the window.

And 'I' sprang with a yowl that tore a hole in the silence of the night, claws itching to rip my fur, teeth with the urge to taste blood..

And I was defenceless.



I woke, ear flicking on the wicker material of the basket I was curled up in as I lifted my head and blinked in the darkness. My heartbeat was rapid from the dream.  The blanket suddenly absorbed the warmth from my orange fur, sending a wave of chills which sliced through my fur like a comb.
A comb that would be deadly if I stayed cold for too long.

I snuggled up deeper into the blanket, inviting it to wrap around me and surround me in my own warmth.
If only I had opposable thumbs to pick it up with....

The darkness was comforting.... But now, even with the moonlight filtering in, all I could see were greyish outlines of the house and its various objects. The various bits of 'furniture' they the humans so frequently sat on.

My heartbeat slowed as I started to fall back to sleep - then a cackling laugh, followed by a squawk.

"Wark! Kitty had a nightmare!"

My ears homed in on the noise as I searched with my eyes.
I noticed a pole along the top of the door that hadn't been there before.
On the pole perched a brightly coloured bird with piercing bright eyes.
I believe it's called a 'parrot'.

It twisted its head and bent down, watching me intently, squawking softly.

I got up and started to walk cautiously towards it. It simply stayed where it was.
If I caught it, it would make a nice early breakfast....

Something moved in the corner of my eye and I looked to my left. On the wall above was a round 'mirror' with 'gems' around the edge.
It was titled at a downward angle so I could see myself.
Myself-myself. Orange-and-white-patches-fur-with-green-eyes me.

And suddenly there was the white-with-glowing-red-eyes me, mouth open in a hiss and fangs glinting yet again.
And then that me was gone. Back to fluffy orange fur and yellow eyes me.
I blinked a few times at the mirror. Nothing happened.
I looked back to the parrot who was sitting up straight on the pole.
It let out a loud squawk.
In the split second it took for the bird to spread its wings, it had turned from the bright parrot to a dark hawk.
More precisely, the hawk I had seen with the group of young humans a while ago...
It suddenly took off, flying at me with an ear-piercing shriek, yellow eyes glaring into my soul as I froze like a rabbit in headlights.
The talons inched towards me at an alarming rate and again I was defenceless.


I sat up, panting and ran my fingers through my hair.
I stopped and looked at my hands.
Human fingers on human hands. Through human HAIR. Long, bright hair.
Why was I shouting human words as I woke up?
Why would I dream about them? I'm a cat, not a shrew!
Huh. Humans.
Overactive imaginations.

A scrabbling sound.
Instinctively I leapt off the bed and crawled on all fours to look for the source.
Human bodies are so restricted in flexibility. Especially in 'clothing'....  Yet this human seemed closer to cat than human, the way she was able to move.
Is that why I'm in this body? Who is this human?
The door to the room opened.

"Rachel? What are you doing? Are you Ok? I heard you shout..."

An older human!
Like the cat I am, I automatically arched my back and hissed at the seeming threat.
The older human smiled quickly, uncertainly.

"Rachel....? Calm down...."

Who was this 'Rachel'?
My hissing continued but quietened. I lowered my back but stayed on all fours. I crouched.

"Ok..... You must be sleep-acting.... Get back into bed, get some sleep."

The urge was too strong. I felt my teeth sharpen and lengthen and I grinned with my human mouth.
The elder was still in the doorway.

"Why are your eyes glowing....?"

I pounced.


Tired, cold and wet, I dragged the body backwards towards the pile of stones awaiting me a few feet away.
Rachel's body.
After killing the rest of her family while in her body, I'd erased all traces of her life from it and emerged back in cat form.
How good it felt to be back in fur...

The stones would provide the energy I needed. The rain clouds mingled with others, and every now and then a flash of lightning would change my appearance to anyone watching.
Thunder rumbled, but some hidden internal courage kept me going.

At last, fur plastered to skin, I had managed to drag the body onto the flattest main stone.
I sat by the body, looking it up and down before looking to the sky.
Thunder still growled, lightning cracked.
Still I was not afraid.

As I let out a heart-shuddering yowl I felt my appearance change, but that didn't stop anything.
If anything, it revived.
A bolt of lightning struck the body, causing it to smoke slightly and give her a 'tanned' look, and making wounds that I would have made appear.
They bled, and the blood ran fresh from the skin, off the rock, onto the soil.

I only had one name on my mind at that moment.


The blood spread itself around the rock, probing, searching. Then suddenly grouped into one area as it sank into the ground.
A white paw burst out of the ground, half-rotted.
Covered in blood, which turned into smooth white fur and flowed in a wave down the arm, which emerged and pulled a body out of the soggy earth.
The human Rachel's blood restored the fur and glory to the previously torn and tattered buried body.
Raising its head and joining my yowl in harmony for a moment, it stood and looked at me. And I at it.

He was split half and half, black on the right, white on the left.
The nose was pink.
The eyes were opposites.
On both the eyes, there was yellow where the white would be.
On the black side, the iris was light blue. The pupil was the shape of a complex snowflake.
On the white side, the iris was red. The pupil was the shape of a miniture thundercloud.

For a few moments we glared at eachother, then he bowed his head. I spoke.

"Raise your head, first ascendant."

He did so and put his white paw forward a step.

"I am honoured to be the first. I shall serve you as Chief Slave."

I nodded and slunk over, observing this new servant of mine.

"I shall need you to travel to all nearby towns and cities, gather some agents. I have a feeling we're going to need them."


Following a trip to the 'zoo', my small group of follower cats and I followed the scent past one of the humans' 'barns' to the forest.
The creatures inside our heads knew what to look for. And was pleased with the heightened scent of smell skill that we had.
We located the young blue 'deer' in no time.
But he spotted us with one of his extra eyes and woke immediately.
A foolish follower stayed as he was and leapt for the creature many times his size.
The bladed tail flashed forwards him with a FWAPP that cracked the stillness of the night.
And my followers body into two separate pieces, blood splattering over a wide area and running into the soil.

We started to change, grow larger, develop different patterns, mostly stripes, on our fur or lose them and gain large amounts of fur around our necks. Our fangs grew longer, and we felt the power flow through the muscles.
We were ready to take down this 'deer'.

After a brief struggle and more bodies being sliced in half, Coalflake and I managed to render it unconscious, calling the bladed creatures to come and collect it with their flying machine, taking it back to the 'Master'.

He rewarded us by raising out head-creatures' ranks to 'Sub-Visser' or something such-like.

And 'infested' the younger blue deer. Who calmly told us the locations of the other 'Andalite Bandits'.


A few days later, upon orders, more followers and I were gathered outside one of the young human's houses.
The one who had an enslaved brother and a crazy dog.

At the flick of my ear my followers went first, ripping the silence of the night with the dog's yelping and whining.
When that died down, Coalflake led me in while the followers ran ahead upstairs to deal with the other humans, leaving the enslaved brother.
The screams of pain and fear was music to my ears, and I raced upstairs to the target's room before he could do anything to help, or get himself killed.
He was mine.
I padded across his chest, refusing to budge my weight, and stared into his eyes, my appearance changing as a single flash of lightning ripped across the sky outside.
He stayed calm and quiet. Just how I wanted it.


The boy who lived only with his father was next.
I ensured the father was finished quietly as I trotted to the boy's room, repeating the process of my last victim.


Now it was only the girl with the barn.
She was easy. I pounced on her as she finished tending to her sick animals.

But I forgot about the hawk.


The hawk was a challenge.

He ambushed us, and it took five of my followers to fail and die, then Coalflake's stealth, speed and strength to finally take the hawk down in that barn.

I didn't bother to do what I had done with the humans.

The predator ended up being the prey. And a delicious feast he was.


I should back up and explain.

Just before we went to the first young male's house, the older male Chapman managed to 'cage' me and take me somewhere underground.
This underground was full of the smell of the soil, worms, bats, and oil... I'm not sure they would have had 'cars' under the ground...
After a long flight of stairs I heard the greeting of Coalflake.
Great. He'd been caught too.

The surrounding area was full of humans... and other strange creatures. Bladed ones that walked very tall on two legs and grunted in a different language. I was curious to understand it.
The other creatures were like, as the humans would call them, giant 'centipedes'.

There was a line of humans lining up for one pool of sludgy grey water.... At least it looked grey to me. Coalflake told me later that it was almost green. Lucky kitty has colour vision.

The other pool was one where humans and bladed creatures from 'cages' at the sides were dragged, screaming and begging, and their heads dunked under the water.
They struggled then became still.
The screams still ring in my ears.

Master Chapman took me over to a private looking area, where a blue 'deer' stood.
He must have been a mutant of some sort.
He turned to the Chapman human and I smelled fear emanate from him. From both him.... and something else which I couldn't identify....

<Is this one of the Andalite Bandits, Iniss 226?>

I looked around, ears twitching and confused. Where was that voice coming from?

"No, Visser. It is the house cat you met some time ago."

<You remember that I observed its behaviour....>

"And you decided that its species is too small to serve as a host."

<However, I have been researching humans animals, and it seems that humans see cats as innocent. So they may make the perfect spies.>

"And this one is the first one who knows of you..."

<Ready it for infestation.>

Infestation? What did that mean?

On a silent command one of the bladed creatures came up to the 'cage' and opened it, grabbing me before I had a chance to move.
I extended my claws and scratched, but this creature's skin was so tough I couldn't puncture it.
I started to yowl in panic instead.
Far off, on the other side of the cavern I heard Coalflake start his own yowling and struggling with the human that had him captured.

I watched the second grey-ish pool come nearer. Were they going to drown me?

I still struggled, though well-held, as they tilted one of my ears into the icky substance.
Then I felt something crawl into it. It hurt deeply at first but then I felt it flow numb as I realised I was losing control of my limbs.
And suddenly I was at the back of my own mind.

When this creature had fully regained control of me, I trotted back over to the blue deer, followed by Coalflake.

<Identify yourselves.>

We simply mewed in reply. 'Visser' tilted his head.

<Ah... Seems I forgot you do not speak the human words... And you cannot use thought-speak either...  I see that we will have to work on a translator. That will be no problem. In the meantime, I would like you to spy and locate the Andalite Bandits. Talk to every cat or other animal that you meet. Some of them may be useful for infestation. It would be even better if they were the Andalite Bandits we capture and keep over their limit. That way they are helpless.>

We both nodded our cat heads then trotted for the stairs, ascending into the mall and heading into the wide world full of dangers of 'cars' and 'dogs' and various other humans.


For the first of our searches, the 'Visser' had given us a power, letting us place our paws on a glowing blue 'box' which sent a wave of calm warmth over my body. Like lying in front of the 'fire' did.

Since then we had been to the 'zoo' and 'acquired', as our head-creatures called it, larger cats.
I was amazed that they didn't attack us when we smelled so strongly of fear.


A few weeks later, things were different.
I had a whole cat army at my disposal.
My thoughts were still not my own.
And my master, the 'Visser'...

He had the Animorphs.


So. You're walking in the street, alongside your dog.
A mix between a poodle and.... some other canine, my senses tell me.
It's almost night-time.
You see an orange house-cat.
A flash of lightning distracts you, and suddenly you find yourself on your back, staring at the exact same cloud, and the back of your head hurts.
You hear your dog whimper and whine briefly before falling quiet, see a glimpse of a black and white cat, colours split down the middle.
I'm standing on your chest, restricting your breathing.
And I'm staring into your eyes.
Right into your soul.
Who am I?
I'm Fluffer McKitty.
The Nightmare Cat.
Orange fur turns to white.
Yellow eyes to red.
Pink nose to black.
Mouth opens to reveal the long pointed fangs.
Fangs poised to slice your head open for a visitor.

Don't worry, the wound heals quickly.

But. You.

Are dead.

The End

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