Per Aspera Ad Astra

It was in a small New York club, that I first saw her. I can’t remember how I’d heard of it or even the actual name of the club, but I remember the experience so vividly that every time I think about it, it feels more like physically traveling back in time as opposed to reminiscing in the past...

I step down the narrow stairwell, my feet making a satisfying squelching sound as the rubber soles of my shoes cling to the sticky beer stained linoleum . The walls are painted a coral red, appropriate; the entire corridor feels like an underwater experience with the current of the music passing through me & rattling my bones like the heavy drag of shells during a stormy high tide.

The walls have strange tattoos slithering down their skin in a reptilian fashion, it takes me a while to realise that this is actually graffiti despite the fact that it looks like it has been drawn by a superb artist. I recognise the familiar smells of sweat & clove cigarettes, slightly hypnotizing and a little exotic. As I descend further down the stairs these smells & sounds become more and more potent until I finally reach the door.

As I pull on the cold metal handle with my now moist palms, I am attacked by light, the feral blast of industrial music & the haze of carcinogenic mist. The crowd is swimming in the ocean of sound, sweat gently snaking down their spine tickling their nerves slightly. The room is filled with a sense of exuberance, decadence & sheer unadulterated freedom as the crowd swing their hips with slow sinful self indulgence. Light rains down upon them in a flicker of sky blues, acid greens, hot pinks & a glow of rich aztec gold. This light gives them a somewhat ghostly demeanor; lost souls dancing through a perpetual limbo.

They all seem a little too close together, as though something is gently tugging them closer and closer into the center of the room. Curious and slightly drawn myself, I slither slowly into the crowd going further and further. Suddenly it feels like something else is controlling my body, forcing my feet forward. Then I see her.

And the Earth... moves.

It feels as though gravity has shifted and all that is keeping me standing is her pull. Some profound cataclysmic event occurs within me. Stars colliding & bursting into iridescent flame, shooting across the midnight sky. Angels crying for mercy. A thousand violins & harps playing the most heart-rendering composition that the ears of man  could ever hope to hear. There is light and beauty, motion. The ground beneath my feet is shaking at an impossible magnitude and....she is so completely... compelling.

Her hair is an olympic flame spilling down her slender figure, ever burning spirit & an beholding ancient luster that cannot not be described adequately in a thousand of the worlds most soul evoking words. Her eyes, a deep smoldering grey, the ashes of a just burned out incense stick. She moves in a way that seems to be slow motion, allowing me to appreciate every twist, turn & curve of her godly body.

She turns to me and smiles. I realise that I have probably been gawping at her for the best part of ten minutes and a swift surge of blood rushes to my cheeks along with a hefty kick of adrenaline. My hearts beat quickens in anticipation of what she may say. She comes close to me & I feel her cool breath swirling against my dripping skin as she whispers gently into my ear.

Per aspera ad astra.”


Then she walks away, and I can no longer breath.

The End

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