Told by Jake Grey, a sixteen year old boy who has no idea what he wants in life. But after finding out his only parent has died in a car accendient, trouble unfolds and englufs him and his little sister, Lilly. After seeing the hard side of life, all he wants is saftey for his little sister before she ends up in trouble too.

In the midst of a dark night, my dad would stagger his way from a lonely pub, eyes blood shot and head spinning. He wouldn't be smart and call a cab or take a transit bus home, he would get into his old beat up truck and try to manage his own way home. It worked nearly every time.

Until tonight.

* * * * * * * * * *

I stared out my window as the police man walked back to his cruiser, red and blue lights flashing across his sullen face. I held no emotion to the news I had just received. There was no way this could of happened. Who would pay the bills to the apartment? Who would take care of me and Lilly?

"Who was that Jake?" called a gentle, small voice. I turned around to see Lilly standing in her night gown, rubbing her sleepy eyes as she peered out the window. With curiosity, she waited patiently for my answer.

I was left with no words. No explanations. I just stared into her big clear blue eyes and was speechless. Such a fragile heart and I had the very words that could break it. She loved dad; Sober or drunk.

And now he wasn't even coming home.

"Where's Daddy?" she interrupted my mind babble. My breath stopped. Luckily, a soft knock on our wooden door saved me. I glanced over and was surprised to see Sam and Nichole standing there.

"Sammy!" screamed Lilly as she jumped into his arms. He hugged her tightly as he fought off tears. Sam was usualy emotional so I didn't react to his sudden bawling. Nichole walked over and sat down next to me.

"We heard what happened." Her brown eyes shining as she whispered this in my ear.


"News spreads fast in this small town." A sad smile flashed across her pink lips. I could hear Sam trying to distract Lilly from all the questions but she continues on asking, "Where's my Daddy!?" over and over again. Tears from frustration end up in my eyes as her cries for her father becoming louder and louder. I quickly grab her and hug her with all my strength. She becomes quiet.

"Where's dad?" I hear in my ear.

I still have no idea how to tell her.


The End

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