“Mum why do we have to keep moving?” I groaned.

“You got expelled remember. You and your stalking.” She was barely even looking at me.

“Not my fault kids won’t hang out with me.”

“Have you tried being nice?” I wanted to retort back with ‘have you?’ but wasn't not worth getting grounded for.

“Of course I have. It’s probably because they think I’m a freak or something.”

“You are not. Don’t say things like that.” She then offered me a slice of cake she had baked.

“Thanks mum,” I gave her a fake smile but it was good enough. She continued to organise boxes and moved towards the kitchen.

There  was  something  about  Kristy  that  striked  me,  she  wasn't  like  anyone  I’ve  met  before.  It’s kind  of  fascinating.  And  she  likes  frogs  too!  So  glad  I’m  not  the  only  one,  it’s  a  weird fascination I know  but  they’re  incredible  creatures.  That’s  it!  Frogs!

So  Kristy  is  the  one,  the  one  that  will  enable  my  transformation  into  a  full  human  to be  complete.  It’s  all  coming  back  to  me. She  has  the  connection,  it’s  symbolised  by  the  frogs.  You  know,  with  their  ability  to  leap  across  lily  pads,  it’s  like  crossing  the  invisible  bridge between worlds. Now  that  I  remember  my  purpose  I  shall  invite  Kristy  over  tomorrow  afterschool  and  it  won’t  be  long  until  my  transformation  is  complete!  And  I  shall  be beautiful! Ha  ha  ha! About  time  too!

The End

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