Half the life

A boy, aged 16 with a troubled past is fed up with his lifestyle and his demanding mother, but things change when he runs away to visit his uncle in mexico and there is ... complications.

The creature snarled in it's defence as it scurried away from the flats, it's eyes full of fear and despair as it took off in the air, and flew of into the extreme darkness of the night.

There was a deafening shreik! James woke up with a start, his disturbed dreams were becoming ever so frequent in the last few days, and were now becoming somewhat of a nuisance.

He got out of his rickety bed, it creaked louder then 10 loose floorboards being trod on all in one time. James winced, he knew he must have woken his mother, she would come storming in, any minute now, shouting and complaining his bed springs would need tightening, and she wasn't going to get off her overwelmingly huge bum and do it. Nothing. No stomping. No shouting. No punishment. Nothing. Just the cool breeze blowing in through the open window and the distant sounds of her own snores drifting down the long, thin corridor.

 James was confused. Usually the slightest sound would wake his mother, such as somebody taking a breath of air, or the sound of light switch flicking on and off. Still nothing. She wasn't ignoring him, James' mother would never miss a chance to shout at him. Then the thought drifted into his head, as though it had drifted down the corridor with his mothers ugly snore - he had slipped two sleeping pills into his mothers evening hot chocolate. He knew she wouldn't notice, she was happy as long as she was shoving something down her fat throat even if she had no clue what it was.

James crept over to the dirty window, he was still being careful not to make much noise, it was his mother for god sake even pills wouldn't hold her for long. Avoiding the creaky floorboard, he reached over and opened his torn curtains slightly and peered. Even though his dreams were so impossible to be true, the more frequent and disturbed they got, the more they felt real like he was actually seeing these things. Like they were actually happening.

The End

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