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A year after Bella and Edward Cullen got married, Bella got a baby sister. Her mother,Renee and her husband,Phil had decided to restart their lives by having a baby. Renee was thrilled when she found out that she was pregnant. In all the excitement, Renee forgot to tell Bella and her family that was in Forks.
Renee and Phil had a beautiful sandy brown haired and hazel eyed baby girl named Annalise. She was just like Bella,but a little girlie. She loved dresses,makeup,everything you could think

I never thought of how I could choose to live for someone that I didn' t even know yet. I mean my life has been normal up until a few months ago and now it feels as if  everything has exploded in an uproar. So I'm back to my first thought. How can you choose to live?When everyone around me is dying? Maybe there is more to life than just birth, life, love and death.

There is was the welcome sign to Forks,Washington. I never thought I would ever be coming up here. Clutching this will of my deceased parent's orders, and watching out the window. My final destination  is the Cullen house. Supposedly, thats where I will find my sister. Bella Swan, well now thats she is married it's Bella Cullen.  My mom, Renee told me about Bella and Edward. How perfect they are and their love being so perfect. Blah!Blah Ba-Blah! I heard everything about them. I have been on a one-way flight for 10 hours and a car ride for 5 hours straight so I'm a little cranky as I listen to "My Immortal" by Evanescence.

They sat that Bella lives with her husband and her family in the woods. But something is weird about where they live,because they live  in a glass house. Well I guess I will see about that in just a few minutes.

The taxi driver looked rough, he hasn't even spoken a word to me since I got in his rusty old bucket of bolts. I got a little scared because he seemed to know where I was going,even before I did."Umm Excuse me. I'm supposed to be going to the Cullen house?" The driver coughed and nodded.

I sighed and sat back. The woods of this town go on like forever. Finally, we hit a speed bump and now we are on a dirt path to this house in the middle of the woods. Thats just great. That means if I die, noone will know. The driver coughed again when we were parked.

He helps me with my bags in the trunk. I don't have very much stuff, I just packed what I needed and thats all. I slip him a fifty dollar bill and walked up to the door. The house was huge and glass. I was so afraid to break anything,even to knock.

I knock lightly. Biting my lip nervously. There was something behind me in the woods. I could hear it rustling the bushes. The door opens slowly. I'm surprised to see who all greets me.

The End

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