"The truth is..."
Pumpkin said.
"It was poison."

"See, milady."
The man said, pointing.

"But it was a counter attack."
Pumpkin said.
"With the disease you had."
Pumpkin looked down.
"The pioson killed off the virous."

"To be honest,"
Rose said.
"It did have a bitter after taste."

"Leave. I can't stay outside too long."
She said walking towards the gates.
Once she got the doors.
A female servant held out her arms for the infant.

"I think I'm able to carry her, Ai."
Rose said.

"Yes, milady."
Ai said bowing at her.

The gate closed behind them both.
The commander and the rest watched.
Then reverted they're attention at Pumpkin.
But she already vanished.

The End

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