White Wolf Milk

"Lady Rose."
A voice said.
"You need to come inside soon."

Her facial exression changed to fury more.
"Tell me your favor you are asking for."

"I want you to look after something."
Pumpkin said moving her cape aside.
"Well actually someone."
Holding out Sakura in her hands up to Rose.

Rose placed her doll in her sleeve.
Taking Sakura out of Pumpkins hands.
She held her so sweetly in the night air.

"Milady. Is it necessary to look after a half-breed?"
The commander asked, holding back his anger.

"You were the one that taught me to keep my promises."
Rose told him turning around with Sakura in her arms.
"Pumpkin here saved my life."
"So I had to keep the promise."

The commander looked dazed at the sence he saw.
Lady Rose looked happy with that plain face on.
After knowing her for the first day she was born.
She held the child with a glow around her in the night.

"What was it that made her save you?"
He asked her after a while.

"She gave me a bottle of milk."
She replied.
"Such a sweet taste to it."
"What was in it?"
She asked looking at Pumpkin still kneeling.

Pumpkin stayed silent for awhile.
"W...white Wolf Blood, mixed with milk."
Pimpkin finally said.
"White Wolf Milk."

"Milady, she tried to poison you!"
One man said.

"If it was poison."
Rose said facing him.
"I wouldn't be here, now would I?"

The End

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