The gates of the mansion started to open enough for someone to walk through.

The moonlight shown over head.
The gaurds went down on one knee, in honour.
A lady with a white kimono on walked past the gates.
Pumpkin did the samething as everyone else.

The lady walked into the moonlight.
Onve her kimono touched the light,
It turned black.

"What kind of business do you want?"
She asked Pumpkin.

Pumpkin moved her cape and brought out Sakura.
"I'm here to ask if you could look after my child."
She asked holding up Sakura.

"Why would a vampire like you want me to look after this child?"
She asked, walking closer to her.

"Becuase you owe me."
Pumpkin said.
Taking out something wraped in a red cloth.

Rules were:
1. wrape it in my favorite colour
2. a doll - to remind me about this
3. come to me when you really need a favor
4. this is a one time deal.

The End

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