“He definitely received the package Commander” the halfling said as he reported. “The note had been read, and the dagger was gone.”

The leader rubbed his chin as the news was brought to him. He was pacing back and forth, but stopped to look back at the underling, as a question popped into mind. “Can you be sure he received it? Or was it opened by another? Stolen perhaps?”

He received a shake of the soldier’s head in response, and went back to his pacing. “I can’t be completely sure sir, but I am convinced that it found its way into his hands and was searched by none other than himself. It was in his room when I retrieved it after all.”

“And the second note?”

“I placed it there myself.” The leader nodded his approval and dismissed the other halfling with a wave. When the soldier hesitated, he raised his eyebrows and said, “Yes? Is there something more?”

The underling fumbled for words, “Well, ah, no, not specifically. I mean, I-… I’m just curious sir.”

“Curious?” prompted the commander.

“Why all the secrecy? Why not meet the boy in person? Explain the situation? Would that not be easier?”

With a sigh, the older halfling shook his head. “The thought has crossed my mind many times, and if were that simple, I’d do it in a heartbeat.” There was a long silent moment, broken only by the sound of the halfling as he paced. After a minute he continued, “But sadly it is not that easy. The lad has made friendships with the wrong people. I need to know more about him. I need answers. Reasons. And that,” the speaker turned, “Is why we must be cautious. You must continue to watch him.”

The subordinate nodded in understanding and made to leave, but the sound of footsteps halted him in his place. Another third halfling burst into the room, waving his arms and gasping for breath.

“Rigulph? What is it?”

The disheveled arrival took long deep breaths,and gradually managed to calm himself to the point where he could speak. “My lord! The assassin, he’s been captured!”

The End

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