Chapter 11: The Box (cont.)

“Lieran? Where are you-” Racieus huffed and chased after the guild master, remembering with a flash of annoyance why he had come to the office in the first place. “Guild master? I need to-” turning the corner the halfling nearly collided with the human assassin, pulling back at the last second with reflexes that had been finely tuned over the laster year and a half.

“I’m sorry Racieus. I wasn’t quite prepared for what was in the letter, and completely left the moment. I’m back now. What did you need?” Giving his teacher a wary glance, the halfling relayed his request for details regarding the assignment he had seen on the board. “Hmm” Lieran said, rubbing his chin with one hand, “I believe I know the one you’re talking about, and I have the details in my office, I can bring them to your room after I take of one or two things. Is that alright?” The halfling nodded, and walked with the taller assassin down the first flight of stairs, and turning away to head down the hall to his room.

Closing the door behind him, the halfling made for his bed, but a discarded knapsack, caught his eye. It was the very same one that he had brought with him on his first mission with Eira and their teacher, and as Racieus lifted it up, he saw that the ornate black box he had packed in it still remained. Cocking an eyebrow, the small assassin reached inside and gently lifted the box out, sitting down on the bed and setting the container down beside him. For the umpteenth time, he looked over the box, running a finger around it and tracing the gold patterns etched into its surface.

With a start, the halfling realized he had never attempted to open the box, never once checked it see what, if anything, lay inside. Slowly reaching for the lid, he began to open the container only to snap it shut again as the door to his room opened and Lieran entered, a few papers in hand.

“The information you requested,” he explained by way of introduction, and turning an eye to the decorated object in the halfling’s small hands. “And what, may I ask, is that? I don’t believe I’ve ever seen you with this before.”

The halfling nodded in agreement, “You haven’t. I’ve been attempting to keep from making my possession of it a secret.” The human raised a single eyebrow, asking an unspoken question that Racieus picked up on immediately. “I’m not even sure what’s in it, or who it belongs to or why I ended up with it.” He pursed his lips for a moment, a thought striking him, “Actually, perhaps you can help me with this.” He proffered the box to Lieran, gesturing to the emblem on the front “This looks too well done to be just a random drawing, and I think it’s some kind of sigil. You wouldn’t happen to recognize it would you?”

The guild master took the box, and turned it a few times, staring hard at the symbol. His look was one of great effort, he knew he had seen the design before, he was just racking his brain to recall from where. He blinked, tilting his head for a moment before looking back at the halfling very hard. “You don’t recognize this symbol?”

The halfling shook his head in confusion, Lieran’s tone making him think he should know what it was, but not having the slightest clue. Racieus looked at his teacher expectantly, but the tall assassin simply shrugged and walked out, leaving Racieus staring after him. The halfling was quite perplexed by Lieran’s actions, though he supposed it could be due in part to the meeting and letter that the man had received, the tall assassin had practically admitted as much. He dismissed the behavior for the time being and turned again to his box. Now that he was alone, Racieus reached out to finally open the container and expose its contents.

The lid rose smoothly, making no noise whatsoever, and the halfling guessed that this box had to have been opened recently, for it lacked the typical smell that accompanied such antiques. Racieus was slightly disappointed when he glanced inside, because the box wasn’t even half full. There was a knife, much smaller than his others, and small piece of folded paper. The small assassin took the blade out carefully, hefting it in his right and left hands to get an initial feel for the weapon. Setting that aside he reached for the small piece of paper, hoping to get an answer or two, but opening it and scanning the contents only brought him more questions. There were only three words: "Don’t trust him."

The End

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