Chapter 10: Compatibility (part three)

“How is that different from a regular assassination?” asked Racieus, and Eria nodded her mutual curiosity.

“Well for one, joint assassinations are trickier and that is because there is a lot of precise timing involved. The easiest way to describe it is that we have to kill multiple targets-”

“Doesn’t seem so hard,” started Racieus, but he quieted when he realized Lieran hadn’t finished.

“As I was saying, we have to kill multiple targets, at the same time.”Eira raised her eyebrows and looked at the halfling, who merely whistled, deciding that he was glad the guild master had come with them after all. “As you can probably guess, teamwork and precise planning are essential to a mission like this. The slightest miscalculation could cost us the job, or worse.”

“Why do we need to sync our kills?” threw in Eira.

“Good question. There are several different situations that would call for a joint assassination, but generally, you would need to if you’re making several kills that have to be public, or if killing one would somehow tip off another target and allow him to escape. This job, is the former, we have been hired to eliminate three targets at a ball being held at the castle of Zadoc Basilio in Dalhurst. It will be imperative that we strike in unison and then leave swiftly before we are discovered. One good thing about a job like this is the chaos brought about from the multiple killings. Usually allows for relatively easy escapes.”

And the discussion continued for the greater part of their journey. Gradually the halfling grew more accustomed to the bouncing, up and down rhythm of his pony, though when the trio finally reached the city and dismounted, Racieus was definitely feeling the after effects of their trip. The three found an inn, or rather Lieran found an inn, one with a perfect view of a castle. The castle. The one they would be expected to infiltrate in two evenings. Once everyone was settled in, the guild master took the two new members on a “jog” through the unfamiliar city of Dalhurst. A jog along the rooftops, giving the unaccustomed pair a great view of the city.

The tall assassin eventually led them to the castle, but kept a safe distance away from it. If anyone asked, they were tourists. Racieus tried in vain to hide his awe. He had never seen anything quite so large or magnificent before. The barracks back home, the guild house, both paled in comparison to the looming fortress before him. “Do you have a plan to get in there?” asked the halfling, to which his teacher nodded.

“Of course I do Racieus. And the best part is that it will be covered by our expenses! We, I, will be reimbursed for everything we, I, spend.”

“And what is the plan then?” questioned Eira, earning an admonishing grin from Lieran.

“Well I would have told you eventually” he said somewhat defensively, “but since you ask, the plan is actually quite simple. I will be following your lead.”

The two younger assassins shared a look that part excitement, part nervous. “We are making the plan then, is that what you’re saying?” clarified Racieus. Lieran smiled, and both the halfling, and his female counterpart took it as a yes. “I guess we better get to it then.”


The End

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