Chapter 10: Compatibility (part two)

Wasting no more time on questions that could wait for the road, both the halfling and his female partner rushed for their rooms to gather their necessities. Throwing a few pairs of of black outfits into a recently acquired satchel, one that Racieus had purchased in anticipation for an event such as this, the small assassin turned a critical eye over his room, making sure there was nothing else there that he needed.

He didn’t find anything of the sort, but his eyes did fall upon an item that he didn’t remember purchasing, stealing, or otherwise acquiring. His attention was piqued, but he didn’t have time to pore over it now, so he shoved the item, an ornate black box, into his bag and ran from the room. He met Eira and his teacher outside the guild, where two horses and a pony were being brought around, and as he looked at the mounts, a terrible thought hit him. “I… don’t know how to ride” he said in surprise.

Lieran turned to look at the halfling incredulously, while Eira tried to hide a smile. “Well I guess you’re going to get a little on the job experience” instructed the guild master. “First things first, do you think you can work out how to get on the thing?”

The halfling feigned insult for a moment, before turning to regard the small animal that was his mount. There were triangular footholds hanging on either side of the thing, and on a whim Racieus stuck a boot in one and boosted himself up. He looked to Lieran for approval and the man nodded in amusement. “They didn’t have these were you were from did they?” he asked, and with a pang of sadness, the halfling shook his head. In a rare display of negative emotion, the taller assassin bit his lip, aware that he might have hit upon a touchy subject. “Ahem. Well to get your horse going you’ll uh, you’ll want to dig your feet into it’s flank. It won’t hurt it” he responded, when Racieus gave Lieran a slightly horrified look. “The rest is pretty simple. Hold on tight, and move with the horse.” Again the quizzical look was back and the guild master grinned widely, “You’ll see what I mean soon enough. At least, I hope you do, for your sake.” With a kick, he set off, with Eira, and eventually Racieus hot on his trail.

The halfling did indeed figure out what Lieran had meant after only a few minutes, and he immediately attempted to emulate the fluid motion that the other two had seemed to achieve. He didn’t grasp immediately, but luckily, the guild master was providing Racieus with adequate distraction, through an intensive explanation of the new responsibilities they would inherit, as well as the job they would be expected to carry out.

“I’ve gone into some of these details with you Racieus, but Eira’s benefit I will try to gloss over them again. As a guild member you are not only allowed, but expected, to complete jobs in the name of the guild. Inside the the auditorium you may have noticed the bulletin board along the front wall.” Racieus and Eira nodded, “Well that is where a job request will be posted once we receive it, unless in special cases like this, the guild master, me” Lieran said with flourish, “decides to immediately appoint someone.”

“Usually the patron will bring payment to the guild itself, but it is not unknown for the client to pay the member. If the latter is the case, then you are required to bring the money back to myself so it can be divided accordingly. Fifty percent of the earnings go to you, while the rest goes to the general fund of the guild. That’s how we’re able to support our members and recruits. I don’t think I need to worry about you two, but if you are caught holding out on due payment, then you could be faced with expulsion from the guild or expulsion from life.”

Racieus and Eira shared a glance Lieran’s jest, neither of them were eager to find out exactly how that expulsion would be executed. The guild master talked on about daily routines. They weren’t required to continue training, but they could pursue higher avenues of learning if they wished, and all three knew that if there was something to learn, the two newest members would want to learn it. He mentioned guard scheduling, regarded as a chore by most, but with three hundred and thirty-two other members who had to take turns as well, nobody complained too much about the frequency of being on a night shift.

“And finally, today’s job. The three of us have been hired to make a joint assassination.”

The End

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