Chapter 9: Establishment (cont.)

The halfling dove forward, an act that saved him from a depressing defeat. There was the sound of rushing air as a sword cut through the space that Racieus had just vacated. As he rolled, the assassin pushed off the ground with his hands and twisted in the air as he fell, so that he was facing his opponent when he landed. His glare turned into a look of surprise, and he blinked.

It was a girl. Of course it was a girl… why wouldn’t it be a girl? There were plenty of girls in the guild. Yet no matter how Racieus tried to explain it to himself, he was, in fact, shocked. Even more so when the girl stepped forward and he got a better look at her face.

She was quite pretty, with medium length hair that appeared to be a mix of blonde and white. For whatever reason, the combination seemed to almost shimmer when the girl moved. Her eyes matched, the irises a very light gray. The girl darted forward, breaking Racieus’ reverie, and he crouched, drawing his weapons and assuming a ready position. His opponent wielded her sword with a deadly grace that probably would have entranced him as much as the girl herself, had he not been on the receiving end of the strikes.

Ducking under a thrust, Racieus finally saw an opening and went for it, slashing repeatedly with both weapons. None of his hits landed, the mysterious recruit batting away the strikes fiercely and even bringing up a knee that caught Racieus in the chin. She chopped down at him, but he caught the swing with his weapons, and stepped in close to the girl, close enough that she had no room to maneuver her sword. But apparently she didn’t need it, and her left arm flashed, a dagger appearing as if by magic. She struck out and Racieus withdrew his right dagger from the mix, all the while twisting his left dagger to keep the girl’s sword out of the fight.

He parried the blow and struck back with one of his own. The girl kicked out and connected with his hand, and the dagger skittered away. Racieus stepped back, refraining from retrieving his weapon, and releasing one of the weapons attached to his wrists. His opponent cross-slashed, bringing both weapons together in an X. Racieus hammered one away, and loosened his grip on his weapon before swinging at the second. As planned, that dagger was knocked away as well. The girl smiled as Racieus froze, or pretended to. Thinking her opponent to be defenseless, the girl stabbed lazily, and the assassin took advantage of that brief moment of overconfidence, taking a step forward and then falling to the floor in a slide that took him under the swing, and through the girl’s legs. He flicked his wrist, summoning a weapon, and slicing out behind him, opening a line of color on the girl’s calf. In the moment before she disappeared, the girl turned and looked at Racieus in surprise, and then… respect. She vanished, and Racieus followed soon after. 

The End

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