“I’m telling you it was him! The boy clocked me! I think I’d remember the face of the person who did that.”

Two halflings huddled in a long abandoned building, or at least, that’s what the outside believed. The house had been put use to as a secret meeting area for numerous organizations over the long count of years since it had been boarded up. Assassins, politicians, and now, two small bodyguards, used the room for meetings that they wanted to ensure remained secret. The streets of the major cities of the world has eyes and ears everywhere, and often the wrong people got their hands on the wrong information.

“I’d think just the opposite in fact” the other halfling said, not quite convinced. “You were hit on the head. That doesn’t typically help me remember things.” This caused the first speaker to scowl. His fists clenched and unclenched several times, but no punches were thrown, and tempers were held in check.

“Well I don’t care what happens to you. I know this was him.”

Though still not entirely convince, the other halfling said, “Mhm. Well the boss sent me with instructions in case you made any progress.” He paused for a moment, lowering his knapsack to the ground and rifling through it before pulling out a black box. “Here. It’s from the general himself. But you must be absolutely sure before you place it.”

A serious look had replaced the slightly pouty face that the first speaker had been wearing. He nodded his understanding and reached out gingerly to take the package. No more words were spoken, and none were needed. Orders had either been followed or received and neither saw the need to waste any more time. They were military men, all business, and methodical too. Within minutes, the house was unoccupied once more, with no signs left behind of the halflings’ presence.

The End

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