Chapter 8: Redemption (Part 5)

“You’re quiet runt. Ya aren’t scared are ya?”

Racieus sneered, “The only thing I’m scared of, is what Lieran might do to me if I accidentally kill you.” The human thief laughed at this, and drew his weapon. The halfling noticed he wielded it much easier than he had the previous time. Despite their disdain for each other, the two had to admit a grudging respect for another.

Taryn charged, reaching into his pocket with his left hand and tossing a small object towards the halfling. Racieus stepped back, wary of the object, when it burst into familiar blue light, eliminating the darkness of the alleyway. The small assassin cursed, and blinked rapidly in an attempt to make his eyes adjust faster. He struck out instinctively, and his opponent had to twist aside, losing some of his momentum.

The thief chopped down with his mace, and Racieus brought both daggers together in an x, catching the mace between the two of them. The two struggled against each other, and to Taryn’s surprise, the halfling was just about matching him in strength. Then suddenly the pressure vanished, as Racieus brought his hands up, and flipped the x up over the mace. Skipping back, he pushed down, adding to its momentum, and the weapon thudded into the ground. Racieus punched Taryn in the face with the hilt of one of his weapons, and the human stumbled back with a cry.

With a snarl, he leapt at the halfling once again, swinging sideways with his mace. The assassin evaded it without a problem and hesitated for a split second, remembering what had happened the last time he fell for the opening. Instead of attacking, he waited for the mace to come back around.

It didn’t. Instead, Taryn’s free hand snagged the halfling and whipped him around, launching the opposite way down the alley. Racieus had to relinquish his daggers, or risk impaling himself upon them, and he landed hard on the ground. There was no time for pain though, and the halfling was up on his feet in an instant. He was a bit shaken, but he kept his head and realized his enemy had made a crucial mistake. Bending down, Racieus picked up the thief’s glowing rock and cocking back his arm, threw it as hard as he could. The alleyway was dark once again. A string of curses echoed off the walls of the small space, and faded away to be replaced by footsteps and loud swooshes of air. Taryn had gone berserk.

With two small flicks, Racieus brought out his remaining daggers. He took a deep breath and, gauging the distance with his ears alone, launched his daggers. TA metallic clang echoed off the walls of the alleyway, followed almost immediately by a dull thud.

And a grunt of pain.

And silence.

The End

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