Chapter 7: Progression

“I’d rather not. It doesn’t seem very important.”

“You make a good fighter halfling, but you are a terrible judge of what is relevant and what is not.” The small assassin sighed in resignation and threw up his hands, giving Lieran leave to continue. “I empathize with you Racieus, I truly do. I myself was in your position once, thinking the exact same thoughts I am sure, but thievery can play an important part in assassination. Framing and implication rely heavily on thievery. If you want to make it look like the snobbish lord killed the well respected general, you’ll need to sneak into his house and steal something of his to plant at the scene of the crime.”

“Or perhaps you want to create a motive, so you decide to plant a letter in the snobbish lord’s house. Any self-respecting plotter is going to have the sense to hide sensitive documents, so you might need to pick a lock to a safe or a desk drawer. It’s the little details that make it all the more convincing.”

“And let’s not forget the more obvious applications, I’ll need to know how to pick a lock or cut a purse for a key if I want to make it to my target” the halfling said in a mockery of Lieran’s teaching voice. “I already know how to do this. You know that. Why can’t we just skip to something that’s a little more pertinent?”

“So you recognize the need for these skills” the guild master stated. A begrudging nod from Racieus, and Lieran, exasperation evident in his tone responded, “Then why are you giving me a hard time?”

“Because I’d rather be fighting” the halfling said simply. “It’s been six months guild master, surely you must be aware of that; you who teaches about spotting and remembering the little details and all that. Technically our deal was that you would teach me to fight, and we seem to spend more time on these frivolities than the actual fighting.”

“Well since you seem to be so knowledgeable” drawled the human assassin, “you must know that the reason we spend more time on those ‘frivolities’ is precisely because you are lackadaisical in learning them. If you took to them as quickly as you did combat techniques, you’d have blown through training already, yet here we are.” Lieran finished with wry glance at Racieus, who returned the favor with a look of his own.

Lieran capitulated first, more because he wanted to didn’t want to waste any more time, than anything else. “Fine. I will teach you a special topic of your choice, if you do an exceptional job on this assessment. If your skills are as polished as you seem to let on, you will done with this within the hour, and should have little problem. Are you ready?” The halfling nodded, albeit with a roll of his eyes. “Good. Here is your challenge. You are to correctly demonstrate each of the major skills in this unit. This includes, lifting an item off of someone’s person, picking a lock, stealing an item from inside a house, and placing it elsewhere.”

Racieus looked pleasantly surprised. “That’s it?”

“Indeed it is halfling, but keep mind, you you only get one chance. Make it count.”

The End

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