Chapter 6: Preparation

“Ah I was genuinely hoping not to see you here Racieus” came Lieran’s voice, and Racieus opened his eyes to see the assassin standing over him. “I will admit, I was expecting it, but I’ve been wrong before, and was starting to think this may be another of those times. I guess not. However,” Lieran continued with a sweeping gesture at a pack of four nearly identical boys, “If what I believe to have transpired, actually happened then you did some impressive work for all of your training.”

Racieus knew the guild master was offering him praise, and he was grateful, but at the moment all he could do was glower and hope that Taryn appeared shortly.

“They teamed up on you didn’t they?” Lieran asked, though he knew the answer even before the halfling nodded. “It’s tough, and more than a little frustrating I’m sure, but it is what it is. Don’t dwell on what you could have done, dwell on what you will do to ensure you are prepared for the next time that happens. Mistakes are not the terrible things everyone makes them out to be, they simply show us what to improve on next.”

“As if there is only one thing that I need to improve on” Racieus joked, and he and Lieran shared a quiet chuckle. “So what happens now? For me I mean.”

Lieran smiled, and it was more than just out of happiness, something in his eyes seemed almost eager. “Much the same sort of thing you would have done had you won actually. Tomorrow you will begin formal training and actually learn to fight, as well as well as gain proficiency in the various services that our guild provides.”

The hafling’s eyebrows furrowed, “And what exactly do you do?”

Eyes opening in mock astonishment, Lieran said “You don’t know? Why did you join in the first place?”

Racieus picked up on the humor, but his reply was serious, “I want to learn how to fight,” he said softly. “And, I don’t know where else to go. My home was destroyed. I want to live long enough to find the ones responsible, and learn the skills I need to kill them. After all, it’s only fair.” This last was said with a grin at the assassin, who nodded appreciatively.

“Well when the tournament is over, make sure you get some rest. Your instructor has a penchant for being tough, and you’ll need to be ready to take everything that he throws your way.”

“Who is he?” the halfling asked, slightly concerned at Lieran’s words.

“You will meet him tomorrow in the training room as soon as the comes up, and for now that’s all you need know.”


The End

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