Chapter 3: Transient (Part 4)

Racieus was carried through the front doors of the same complex that the group of thieves had entered. He tried to twist and turn to get a look at his captor, but the firm grip allowed him little movement, but soon it didn’t matter. Racieus’ thoughts were drawn by the fact that there were other residents in the the large house, and not just a few scattered people, but a rather sizable force from what he could see. He began to wonder what exactly he had stumbled onto.

The hand carried him up a flight of stairs, and then another flight of stairs, and then yet another. At the top, the hand turned left down an ornate hallway, vastly different from the rest of the building, which was decorated with paintings of men that Racieus had never heard of or seen before. The hallway ended with a door, similarly extravagant, with a reddish-purple hue and gold trim, to match the hallway. The knob appeared to be made of some kind of deep red gem. Racieus could hardly believe it was a ruby. After all, what kind of person has the means to use a ruby for something as menial as a doorknob?

“Guild master” growled the owner of the hand, “I have something for you.”

“Can it wait Kellam?”

“I suppose I could let him try to sneak in again, if you are otherwise occupied” the hand began to turn around, his footsteps echoing down the hall.

“Wait! Fine! Come in!”

Again the hand made a slow turn back towards the door, and its doppelganger rose to twist the magnificent handle. Racieus felt his jaw drop, for if the outside was beautiful, then the inside was absolutely extravagant. The walls were the same rich color, and dark mahogany shelves and bookcase filled the room. In the center was a large desk, made of the same material, littered with as many sparkling treasures as papers, and there were a lot of papers. Behind the desk, on the wall, was a large tapestry with, what Racieus assumed to be a map of the city. And above that was a banner with words that Racieus didn’t know written in a fine slanting scrawl: Tri Triocha Tri.

A throat was cleared, and from behind the desk, a man stood up. “What is Kellam?”

“This halfling,” began the big man, “Was trying to infiltrate the premises.”

The man sighed, and took a deep breath before saying “A halfling.You couldn’t have just taken care of him yourself? Why do you need my input on this?”

“He was tailing a group of rats.”

The man’s eyebrows shot up and then quickly narrowed, as the the surprise turned into anger. “None of the trainees are supposed to be out today! Who was out?”

“I dont know sir. They were all dressed alike, and I wasn’t close enough to make out faces.”

The anger resided for a moment more before melting into some semblance of calm. “Fine” The man said. “We’ll deal with it later. But for now, who are you, and what business do you have here?” The man strode around the large desk, pointing a finger sharply in Racieus direction.

“I’m here to take back what is mine” Racieus boldly proclaimed.

The man simply laughed. “Anything that passes into these walls is not yours any longer halfling. Speaking of which, Kellam, search him, and remove all his valuables. Then he is free to go, This time.” The man said with a hard look.

Still holding firmly, the hand turned Racieus upside down and began to shake him so hard, he thought he was going to snap. When nothing fell out, or even jingled, two of the man’s fingers, for that was all that would fit, began to probe Racieus’ pockets. There was the crinkle of parchment, and Racieus knew that the thug had found Lieran’s note. As the big man extricated the note from his pocket, the halfling prayed that the symbols meant nothing to them. He was in too precarious a situation to have any shadow of a doubt cast upon him.

His hopes were dashed however, for after the royally dressed guild master took the paper and read through it once, and then twice with scrunched up eyebrows, he looked up and simply said,

“Kill him.”

The End

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