Operation C.P.O.

Chapter 2


The pain in my chest was unbearable the constant throbbing made it impossible to move. My team mates watched me in horror “Sparks” I screamed letting my pain be known. Sparks pushed past the crowd of children and placed her hands on my chest. “Stay still other whys this won’t work”. My chest tingled and in a few seconds the wound was gone. Exhausted by the pain which now had vanished sleep fell over me.

I awoke several hours later to the friendly face of Private Sanchez.”Are you okay” He whispered with honest concern on his face. I sat up and rubbed my chest “I’m fine kid Report”. He stood up “Location : Chongjin, North Korea, Time: 3:52am Orders To wait until Officer Gray Foxx is walking then continue with operation S.I.N.K” I stared at him for a second “Soldier What is the definition of S.I.N.K” He looked at me hesitantly. “Super Institute North Korea” I jumped from my bed and landed on my feet. My hand became a long thin blade sharp enough to cut thru diamonds. Sanchez body started to melt like a ball of clay being pushed in every direction until it stopped. Standing in his place was a girl about 5 ft 8 long red hair and tan skin. “Foxx you have to listen to me this place isn’t safe”. I jumped at her sending my hand forward she jumped just in time. The wall behind where she once was now contained a huge hole. She landed onto the bed “Listen to me Foxx” I jumped at her again. But this time she completely disappeared into thin air but most likely a speck of dust.

I opened the foot locker at the end of the bed. It contained new boots new cargo pants and a black wife beater. I slipped them on and headed out the door quickly after I began to walk I was pursued by to familiar faces. “Sir” said Sparky “Not now Sparky I have some business to attend to”. “We just wanted to You that we are now Private 1st class” she said well jumping round.”Congratulations now I insist you return to your station” Sanchez grew a huge grin from ear to ear. “Thats the great part your our Station” I stopped in my tracks and turned around. “I’m your station” I asked hesitantly “how is that possible”. “Major Anvil insisted that we protect you 24/7 since we done such a great job On Marshall islands”. I began walking once again “Fine but this dosnt mean were friends”.


                                                                  Chapter 3


The Chopper drained out any chance of us communicating which was great. We were in central Pakistan and we have been ordered to give American troops hell. And of course I had me two followers and a new member to the team Private Black but everyone called him blob and also Private Franklin or Toad both their powers where almost useless but apparently I am the one who has to train them.

“Sanchez” I screamed over the sound of the Chopper. “Yes sir!” he answered “I want you and Blob to come from the left and give them hell from that side. Then wait till the signal from sparky and then Begin to make your way to the centre. Got it?” He looked at blob and then back at me “Got it” With that they left the chopper with one epic leap. Before they hit the ground blob rapped himself round Sanchez and they bounced to safety.



I Have no idea why I had to take the new kid with me but hopefully his powers will help. But I doubt a kid who can bounce of anything will be helpful to me when where getting pinned down by an army of armed Americans.

I pressed my self against a rock and used my telekinesis to scan the terrain in front of us. “Mind Field?” asked blob “Nope worse trenches” he looked at me like how could that be worse. I jumped from behind the rock and began to march forward almost instantly the troops stood up and shouted orders at us. “Don’t come any closer or we will fire” I began to laugh with the flick of my finger the soldier who threatened me collapsed to the ground with his neck bent in a un natural position. The other soldiers looked at one another and began to panic. And of course when normal people panic when they have guns they begin to fire. Before I could do anything blob dashed in front of me and took the bullets. But to my amazement in one breath he pushed out his stomach and the bullets where returned to the owners. Every soldier who had shot at us was now dead now all that was left was one single officer. I raised him into the air with my hand and put out my other hand “Key card please” he pulled it from his neck and put it in my hand. “Thank you” I chucked him to the side knocking him unconscious. “No we wait”




Being new aint fun mate being told what to do every 5 seconds its annoys me so much. I pulled my goggles over my eyes and away I went in front of me I saw Sparky and Foxx land perfectly and run to cover behind a rock. I landed on the ground on all fours and I leaped forward to catch up to them. My frog senses kicked in and I could sense movement lower then ground level “Trenches” I said hesitantly. The others looked at me with confusion on their face “How did you know the toad” They said Impressed “Frog Senses” I grinned. Foxx crawled forward and I turned to Sparky “what exactly is Foxx’s powers” she turned to me and looked at me like I was an idiot. “He’s a shape shifter the best one ever born” Then like clockwork his arm moved like clay until it was a long and fleshy looking blade. He put his fingers in his mouth and with a lowd blow he whistled.

One by one the Americans heads popped into view. And with one violent slice from foxx’s arm they all fell down like dominos. I turned around and almost thru up. Foxx moved his hand signalling sparky to send the signal. She raised her hand into the air and a bolt of lighting shot down and connected with her hand.




As soon as we saw the lighting we made our way to the centre. Blob staying close behind me making sure no one sneaks up on us. We heard them before we saw them a group of armed troops were running obviously someone tripped the silent alarm. A tower of crates stood by and with one mindful pull the crates came down blocking their way.  With a few muffled curses they began to clear the boxes. “Blob do your thing” Blob took a few steps back and rolled up in a ball I went up behind him and gave him an effortless kick. He flew at the crates and broke straight thru them sending himself full force at the unaware soldiers.

The End

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