Half A World

Story of paranormal children forced to fight for the north korean goverment. after the soviet they are based in is bombed by the south. several children manage to get out and begin there jorney to the land of freedom half a world away.

                                                                         Chapter 1

My heart raced as i dived thru the nearby window. The salt from my sweat stinging my new found wounds. I snuck down the hall keeping low to the floor I pop my head round the next corner. all i can see for miles is a never ending hallway darkened with only the lights of nearby cameras. I look above my head to find a pannel with several buttons lit up in blue. with one swift movment my arm tears thru the pannel sparks spring at my face like defencless fleas. the cameras power down and i single the others to follow. one by one the other members of the S.I.N.K enter thru the broken window. I move my hands in signs of gesture telling the other kids to hug the walls and travel down the hall. they all seem to understand and we begin to move down the hallway.

Operation Marshall Islands was supposed to be the most simple and risk free job ever given to S.I.N.K but what was about to happen proved who ever said that horribly wrong. The heavy breathing of a child alerted me and when i turned around i saw Little Private Sanchez looking at me. "Whats wrong kid" He was about 9 years old and we could never shut him up. with Telekenesis he was said to be the next Spring Heeled Jack. But so far he hadnt proved himself much. we go to the end of the hallway alright but what was about to happen left us with 2 less soldiers and marking north korea and a terriorist country.

The lights from every direction flicked on and from everyclose door arrived several soldiers armed and ready to kill. i pulled the group behind me and morphed my blade the soldiers were shocked to see something like this was possible. i lunged forward and the bullet began to fly i was shot once twice three times in the chest and the murmered screams of my allies in the back ground made me collapse.

The End

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