I stood on the outlines, watching as students piled on top of each other, fists and legs flying everywhere. It was like something out of the World War's or something. Obviously on a smaller scale. 

Somewhere in the madness of it all, Cymbeline came over to me. He didn't say anything - he didn't need to. We were loosing, and we knew it. Then suddenly, the fighting stopped. Something else was going on and they were all watching it, ignoring each other now. 

I looked at Cymbeline and glanced towards me, nodding. Pushing past everyone, we found our selves on the edge of a clearing, where Eve and Chandra were stood. Chandra had blood dripping from her mouth, and Eve was shaking her hand. 

"You shouldn't of done that!" Chandra hissed. "No one punches me and gets away with it!"

She went to punch my twin, but luckily she managed to block it. Then in a blur, Chandra booted her to the floor. I gasped. I went to join in, anger rushing through me, but Cymbeline held me back. 

"Don't." He whispered. "This is their fight. If you join in, I'll be forced to, and I really don't want to do that." I shoved my arm from his grip, but stayed where I was. He was right, however much I didn't like it. 

"Full moon tonight. You know what that means? It's my night!" Chandra screamed, as Eve stood up. 

"Yeah well, bring it on bitch!" 

They began circling each other, and slowly the crowd started to chant.

"Fight! Fight! Fight!" 

They they charged. They moved so fast that it was a blur. One threw a punch, other stopped it. Chandra managed to catch Eve, landing one in her nose, and blood poured down her face. Eve jumped on her back, scratching at her face.

"Get of me!" Chandra screeched, and threw her to the floor. As Eve went down though, she dragged her with her, till they were both sprawled out on the floor. They had both locked each other, so neither could move. It even looked almost... silly. Everyone stopped chanting, till the only sounds were coming from the girls on the floor.

"Time to break it up." I said to Cymbeline, and he nodded. He grabbed his twin, and I grabbed Evelyn. 

"GET OF ME!" Chandra shouted, trying to shove her brother, but he held on tight. 

"CIRO, get of me! This bitch needs what's coming to!" Eve said to me, but I shook my head.

 "Eve, face it. You can't beat her-"

"HA!" Chandra shouted, interrupting me. "Even your own brother thinks your a loser." 

"No, sis. He's right. She can't beat you and you can't beat her. End it. Now." She want to speak, but Cymb threw her a look. She glanced round, shoved herself from his grip and then stood there staring at Eve.

"No one, has ever matched me before. No one, especially not when the moons out." she said, quietly. It was the first time I had heard her speak that quiet. I let go of Eve, and she stayed next to me.


The End

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