I start laughing as the nerds start fighting us. I turn to Shain as smile, his eyes are shinning with excitement just like mine. "Worked out better then I planned." I yell to him then punch a dude in the face. He went down.

Oh this is too easy!

Bader is fighting with me and I must say he's good. Hope he's strong enough to fight Shain after all this, no way will we let him off just because of this fight, that's the way we work. I kick a kid in the stomache, sending her onto the floor.

I can see Ciro standing away with someone very familiar. That idiot! I scowl and punch my way towards Ciro and my brother. Someone punches me in the face, I stumble back, blood filling my mouth.

I scowl and turn to Evelyn, she looks shocked that her punch hasn't sent me flying but what can I say? Her punch was hard but I've felt harder. I spit out some of my blood and smile to her evily.

"You shouldn't of done that!" I hiss at her, she swallows deep. Ha! I love spreading fear! "No one punches me and gets away with it!" I say and punch, she blocks and tries to hit me. I push her fist away and jump up and kick her in the chest.

She falls onto the floor wincing. I spit out more blood and look to the sky. It's getting dark. I look down at her, Evelyn is back on her feet. "Full moon tonight. You know what that means? It's my night!" I say and pull my hair out of the high ponytail.

I always fight best at night, I don't know why I just do. Cymbeline knows that. Why ever did he bring them here if he knows that I can beat them all when the darkness takes over?

The End

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