Evelyn : Breaking EvenMature

I was sitting in biology next to a guy with over a billion spots on his face, the teacher was rambling on about mitosis and I was not paying attention, I was too busy thinking about lunch and the strange encounter I had had.

I had been sitting alone when Cymbeline had come over and sat with me,

“Hey, do you mind?” he asked, I shook my head,
"So you're a twin too?" I asked, he nodded sucking on his straw,
"I am. She's actually just over there," he inclined his head towards a tall girl with her hair high up in a ponytail, I nodded slowly and smiled, but she caught my eye and stood up walking over to me.

“Hey Cymbe, you going to introduce me to your new little friend?” she asked sweetly, I scowled,
“Oh Chan, this is Ciro’s twin.” Cymbeline said, he didn’t look at her but he smiled warmly at me,
“Okay,” she replied and looked me up and down. To most people I probably look quite odd, my blue eyes stood out from my tanned face and my individual hair was short and green, it was naturally blonde but I liked the way people looked at me when I walked passed. I wasn’t exactly beautiful but my hair was different and my face was pretty enough to pull it off. She gave me a look which implied I shouldn’t do anything with her brother, I barely knew him and what did she think? I was going to date him?
“What?” I snapped, she was a little taken aback, “Well, what you looking at?” I asked, this girl obviously had no brains, “Oh sorry were you talking to me?”  she laughed,
“Yes I was and I want an answer!” Who did this girl think she was?
“Sorry, I don’t speak tramp,” she said snidely, my eyes tightened. Just because I was individual and had the guts to carry off my strange looks, she didn’t have to call me a tramp,
“How dare you call me a tramp!” I shouted, “Have you seen yourself?” Her eyes were grey and she had frizzy hair which looked strange in a ponytail. She balled her hand into a fist and threw it at me, I hadn’t had time to respond but Cymbeline blocked it inches from my face, I sighed in relief.
“What?” she snarled at him,
“You’re not going to punch her Chan,” he said in a quiet but forceful voice,
“Back off!” said another guy coming from behind Chandra, he was tall and hostile looking. Cymbeline stepped closer,
“Shain , leave it,” Chandra said, I smiled, I guess I knew who wore the pants in that relationship.
“Name?” she asked to me,
“Evelyn. Or do I need to break it down for you?” I asked smiling, obviously she was scared of me, she shook her head and took another step towards me, Cymbeline pushed her back and she stumbled backwards.
“After school. Park. Be there.” She snarled, I couldn’t help smiling as she turned, her hair flicking around her head and charging off.


It was strange how I had never seen this girl before and that her twin had protected me, they obviously didn’t have the same relationship as I did with Ciro. Just then he popped up,
“Ciro, where have you been all day?” I asked, he shrugged and sat down,
“No where, just around. Homework and things, what was just happening?” he asked,
“Just my sister making trouble,” replied Cymbeline, I smiled at him and he smiled back,
“Don’t worry about me, I can handle her.” I said and then looked at Ciro as he laughed,
“I bumped into her before,” he said,
“What happened?” I asked, Ciro was too quiet and calm for the likes of her,
“Well, I don’t think Shain took to me,” he said, I turned back to Cymbeline and began to talk to him until the five minute bell went.
“Meet me at the gates after school Ciro,” I called as Cymbeline and Ciro went off to top set biology and I wandered to second set and that was where I was now.


I sat there watching the clock as it slowly ticked round the minutes passed and it soon became the end of the day. I groaned as the bell went, it was time.


I met Ciro by the gates, “Hey,” I hugged him, “You know at lunch…” I began he nodded,
“I know all about it, Cymb told me,” he explained, I grimaced,
“Right, so what do you think I should do?” I asked, he looked exasperated,
“Never fear” cried a voice from behind me, hands covered my eyes and I was spun round, I squealed in surprise, “we have an army!” he bellowed, I gasped as he took his hands away from my eyes and I saw a group of seniors and juniors gathered in front of me.
“Cymbeline!” I smiled, “how did you get them?”
“Everyone of these have been taunted by Chandra and her gang, and they are all willing to kick her ass,” I smiled at them. They weren’t a pretty bunch, granted, most of them carried books and had glasses but as long as they were prepared to help me get one step ahead of Chandra I wasn't going to be picky.
“Just to give you the heads up, I’m neutral in this fight,” whispered Cymbeline, “She’d kill me if she knew I was behind this,” he winked, I hugged him and turned to the group,
“Alright everybody, thank you for turning up today.” I yelled, Ciro at my side, “I think we have the benefit because we have the element of surprise, and we’re going to use it. I’m going to go and meet Chandra alone, try and sort this out by talking; if that doesn’t work then you are all going to charge. Throw a few punches and beat the hell out of them!” a roar of joy rolled around the circle. I smiled and led the motley crew to the park.


When I arrived I led Ciro to the group of youths I guessed were Chandra and her gang, I was ready and rearing to go.
“Good, you actually came,” she laughed and turned, a cigarette in her hand,
“You’d think I’d miss out on this opportunity?” I asked,
“And you brought you delightfully boring brother!” Ciro stopped a few steps short and I pulled him to my side, “you’re both as peculiar as each other,” she laughed,
“At least I have a brother who cares for me,” I said, she ignored the comment,
“Well let’s get down to business,” she stood up towering over me and Ciro, “Midgets,” she added, I ignored her snide comment and looked up, “Are you going to apologize?” she asked,
“For what?” I spat,
“My brother doesn’t date,” she said,
“Nor do I,” I retorted, “especially with people who have siblings who resemble the antichrist,”
“That’s it.” She said plainly bringing her knuckle back and slamming it towards my face, I ducked and yelled,
“Charge!” everyone ran towards Chandra and her ‘hard’ gang, and the looks on their faces were priceless.

“Nice one,” Ciro whispered as he pulled me away from the fight.”

The End

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