The girls of my group (only Shelby, Tish and Bailey) jump. We all turn around to the voice, hiding our spray cans behind our backs. A sigh of relief comes from Shelby when we know there's not threat of getting done in.

I roll my eyes and turn back to the white school wall. I start to spray my gangs tag onto the wall. "What do you want?" I ask the guy I saw earlier but not looking at him. "Dunno. Mind if I join?" He asks. "Sorry man, this ain't for the likes ofyou." I hear Shain snarl at the guy.

I sigh and turn around. "I wasn't talking to you." The guy says, not looking at Shain but at me instead. I narrow my eyes and then throw him a spray can. Shain looks at me, half shocked, half angry. I roll my eyes at him.

I finish our tag and then turn to the rest. "Go on new dude. Mess up this and I'll mess up your face even more." I say with a smile on mylips. My gang laugh but the guy strugs. "Whatever Chandra. Oh I'm Bader by the way." The guy says then starts to draw by my tag.

I walk over to Shain. "This kid gonna join the gang then?" He asks me, his voice quiet and grumpy. I look at him.` "You know the rules, they've got to get past the best to get in." I smile at him, Shain has a big toothy grin on his face now.

He always likes the fights between the people who want to be in our gang and us. I think this is because he can beat the crap out of someone and not have any consenquences. Well, not as bad as we've had before.

I look at my watch. Five minuets to the bellfor last period. Music. It'sthe only one I really put any effort into.

The End

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