We walk confidently off to our spot. Most of my gang light up their fags. I sit down on a bench and Shain stands in front of me. "You should of punched her." He says after taking a long puff of his cigarette.

I glare up at him and hold my hand out. He sighs and gives me his ipod. I take it and put it in my ears. Light Sleeper by Skillet blares in my ears.

(8) Sleep, sleep little darling
I swear I'm not trying to wear you out
I'm not trying to drag you down

When you fall asleep tonight
They'll be waiting for you
When you try to close your eyes
They'll try not to hate you

Sleep,sleep the night away
Act like nothings wrong
You know we're going down

You are such a light sleeper
Count toten and you're already out
We fall, we're in deeper
The night's gone as we open up our eyes

Lay down we'll never sleep again
We try we know we'll never win
At least we know we'll make it out alive
At least we know we'll make it out this time

You are such a light sleeper (8)

I do love music. I look at my gang and smile to them all. "C'mon." I say and start to walk off. Of course they follow close behind. "Where we going Chan?" Shelby asks, she can be quiet but she's got one hell of a hit on her. I turn around, still walking with Skillet playing in my ears, I smile to them all evily.

"We are going to cause some mayhem." As I say these words all of their smiles grew, some of the guys cheered.

The End

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