Me and Cymbe aren't really talking, we never do anymore. I see that he's looking at some girl. I look at her but so it doesn't look like I am. I roll my eyes at her, she's just a small kid.

Suddenly Cymbeline gets up and walks over to her. I scowl and follow as he makes her jump from behind her tiny back. I can tell he likes her and she looks a little awkward. Hmm.

"Hey Cymbe, you going to introduce me to your new little friend?" I ask sweetly, but taking the mick when I say little. The girl glares up at me and I smile down at her. "Oh, Chan. This is Ciros twin." Cymbeline says, not taking his eyes off her. I roll my eyes. Ciro, where have I heard that name before?

I click my tongue. "Okay." I say at give the girl a once over look, my eyes warning her not to try anything. "What?"She snapped agressivly. I admit, I'm a little taken back but I'm not showing it.  No one ever talks to me like that.

"Well, what you looking at?" She says angrily. I scowl at her. "Oh sorry were you talking to me?" I ask her, playing dumb. "Yes I was and I want an answer!" Ciros twin says loudly. My gang are coming around me now, I can see Cymbeline look worried and shake his head to me.

"Sorry, I don't speak tramp." I say down at her. She glares up at me. "How dare you call me a tramp! Have you seen yourself?" She snaps back at me.

That's it. I ball my hand into a fist and send it towards her but Cymbe holds it, blocking my fist from hitting her face. I can feel my gang tense.

I pull my fist free from Cymbes hand. I glare at him. "What?" I snarl at him. His eyes are sad and for once he isn't all day dreamy. "You're not going to punch her Chan." He says, his voice small. I glare at him. Oh so he's telling me what to do now?!

I open my mouth but Shain interupts. "Back off!" He snarls at Cymbe, taking a step closer to him. I can hear some of my other gang members clicking their knuckles. I sigh. "Shain, leave it." I say. Shain hesitates but does what I say, after all, I am the leader.

Others are looking at us, expecting a fight. I glare at the girl again. "Name?" I ask, my voice threatening. "Evelyn. Or do I need to break it down for you?" She's gone too far now! I lash out but Cymbe gets in the way, pushing me back.

I stumble a little at glare at him. "After school. Park. Be there." I snarl at Evelyn and storm off, my gang following behind me. Everyone who catches our gazes quickly looks away. I smile, liking the power we have in this sad excuse for a school.

The End

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