I waved goodbye to Ciro as he went to his math class, I was in the set below, he was so much cleverer than me. I walked into the classroom and got a chorus of

"Happy Birthday!" I smiled and hugged a few of my friends. I had the rest of the day like this; I sat down and began to work on my homework which I hadn't completed.
"So what did you get?" a voice asked, I looked up to see a tall boy smiling at me.
"Hey," I said wondering what he wanted, "Do I know you?" I asked,
"I'm Cymberline," he smiled his warm but strangely orange eyes crinkling,
"Right, why are you talking to me?" I had roughly ten minutes before I had to hand in my homework,
"It's your birthday right?"
"You turned sixteen?"
"How do you know all this?" I asked writing my answer,
"Ciro told me, your twin," I nodded,
"I see," he paused,
"Did you get that necklace?” he asked,
“Yes, what is it to you?”
“It’s from the moon,” he said,
“I figured, I’m sorry but I’ve really got to finish this math….”
“I get it, you’re busy, I’ll catch you later,” he smiled and took off.
“Class hand in your homework,” I groaned.


Outside I saw Ciro wandering round with his headphones in, he looked happy enough so I left him and decided to follow that guy who had spoken to me in math. I caught sight of him in the lunch queue and followed him at a safe distance; he grabbed his lunch and sat down, with a girl who looked very similar. I sat alone and watched him converse with her, his eyes met mine and I jumped and looked away,

“Is there any reason why you’ve been following me?” he asked suddenly a few meters away. I swallowed.


The End

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