Bader - Sister.Mature


Oh crap. My sister found me. "Hey, J, er, why don't you head on, I gotta sort soming."

"Oh whatever man!", J replys in an angry tone. I guess he hasn't gotten over being beaten up by a girl.


"Yes, yes, what???", I say to Elidi, guiding her into the nearest room.

She looks upset with me. "Where have you been? I was looking for you.", she says.

"I was in isolation, but I snuck out.", I say grinning. We are now inside another science room.

"You snuck out of isolation?! Bader!", she says shocked. 

"Ha ha yea. The teachers don't even care."

She looks at me. I wonder what shes thinking. Then I see a small tear drop appear on her cheek. It rolls down and splashes on the floor. "Elidi...?", I say. I'm a bit worried now to be honest.

The End

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