Chandra : Use Your Brain!Mature

I roll my eyes at Shain and push him. He looks at me with a wtf expression. I narrow my eyes then look back at the other dude.

"Name?" I ask him in a tired tone. H eswallows hard. "Ciro." He whispers. I nod and get to my feet. "Ever thrown a punch before?" I ask him, hearing Shain get up too. Ciro gives a scared look at Shain. "Well? Have ya?" I ask getting impatient.

The guy shook his head. I smile down at him, he's smaller then me. Ciro shakes his head. I grin, showing my teeth. "Then don't even try and act hard around my mates and me or you'll  get a fist in your face." I say sweetly.

I'm don't want to hit him to be honest but I have to warn him. My group are know for our short tempers. "Get lost kid." Shain says, his arm around my shoulders. I look up at him, my left eyebrow raised.

What's he doing? I look at him but he's looking at Ciro, his jaw tight. I shake my head. Please Ciro, you were going on about how  brainy you are, now hop it before Shain gets even more annoyed!

I know I might be able to buy the guy some time but when Shain gets annoyed, his nearly as bad as me! I'll be able to stop him in enough time for the guy to run away but Shain will go after him, I know he will.

The End

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