The bell went for break, and everyone jumped up to rush out. I followed them more slowly, making sure my books were placed in my bag neatly. The teacher tutted, showing her irritation at me being late. I apologized and left the room. 

The sun hit me as I walked out, and I sudden sense of energy flew through me. The sun always did that to me. We mixed well, the sun and I, and it gave me a great tan. But other than that I was quite plain. I preferred that though, as being the centre of attention was my kind of nightmare. 

I looked round, for Eve but I couldn't see her. I put my headphones in, and decided to walk around in search of her, while listening to Jason Mraz. I noticed the odd person staring at me, and I realised that I was singing along. I blushed and looked away. I tended to do that a lot. 

Then, all of a sudden, my feet became tangled with two people who were lay on the floor. I fell to my face, on top of them, scraping my hands on the floor.

"Hey, watch it!" The girl shouted to me, angrily, and I noticed it was Chandra, and Shain.

"I'm sorry, I wasn't watching where I was going." I apologized. I got up, and started to brush the dust of my pants. 

"You can say that again. Look what you've done know! There's mud all over me from your shoes!" She snapped at me, while Shain laughed. I stuttered an apology again. I hated confrontation, and especially with her. 

"Come on Chan, give the kid a break." Shain said to her, laughing.

Kid? Did he just call me a kid? 

"Actually, I am not a kid. I'm sixteen, your age, and I bet I am a lot smarter too, so I'd watch who your calling a kid." I could feel my blood rushing to my cheeks. Really! If there was one thing I hated more, it was being called a child. 

"Wow, calm it man. I was just saying. And you want to watch who your talking to, threatening me like that." he snapped back. 

"Wait. Your one of the other twins aren't you?" Chandra asked suddenly. I nodded, wishing I could just walk away. 

"Yeah, I'm Evelyn's brother." I said to her. 

"Cool, I'm a twin too." she told me. Shain was glaring at me, and now that I was over the annoyed point, I started to get a bit scared. He looked tough, and I was pretty sure if he wanted too, he could snap my tweedy body into two. 

"I know." I told her. She nodded, as if it wasn't a shock. 

"What's your name, kid?" Shain asked me. 

"I said. Dont. Call. Me. Kid." 

The End

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