Cymbeline - ShutdownMature

Man I hadn't meant to say traumatised, what was I thinking, I knew that would set her off. She hated it when I thought she was weak. And then that other lad had to go get invovled didn't he. All resulting in me getting a stomach to the gut. I was winded, struggling for air as my sister smashed him in the face sending him back. He looked shocked, I was't surprised. I rarely am anymore.

But I didn't like my sister fighting for my honor. How had our worlds changed so much, I used to be the one who helped her out. I hated this sense of weakness.

I had to sit down to regain my breath, I didn't watch the fight, I just felt a burning anger that had to be controlled.

I imagined their deaths in so many ways. Mainly the sun burning them to a crisp or setting them on fire.

Slowly the anger faded, disappearing somewhere inside me.

It had been a while since I had felt so... alive.

I looked up, vaguely caring anymore about what was happening. I saw blurs of light shift around through my dreaming. I saw the guys leave, a lasting look at my sister from one of them. She sat down next to me and said something but I just ignored her. Staring out without a single emotion on my face... to escape.

"Hello..." was all I could hear. I turned to look at her, a brief show of surprise at my expression.

I wanted to say something but it was like I had just shut down.

"Are you going to talk to me..?"

"...whats the point?" I found myself saying.

"Fine," her voice cut through me sharply, reminding me of Selene. I could see her face now. Chan got up and turned back but I was still gone.

She walked off angrily.

I felt movement beside me.

"What's wrong," I heard a someone say.

"Nothing," I said, "nothing at all," I turned to see the girls face, like nothing had happened.


The End

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