Chandra : How Dare You!Mature

I'm fuming! How dare he say I'm traumatised! If he think I'm traumatised then he'll be a lot worse when I'm finished with him, twin brother or not!

"Why are you here anyway?" Cymbeline asks the guy that called me a dude. "Dunno really." He says and shrugs. I grit my teeth at the red eyed guy. I know that Cymbeline is losing his temper with me, something that is very rare, and he won't want anyone watch our arguement.

Another guy comes over and patts the black haired dude on the back then he smiles at me. I scowl at him and his shandy blonde hair."Hey man." The sandy haired dude says to the black haired guy. "Hey J." The black haired dude says smiling. 

Those guys shouldn't be watching us argue. No matter how tall and muscular one black haired dude is. "Why don't you fuck off then? It has nothing to do with you!" I snarl at themboth. Js jaw is tight. "I was going to but as you didn't tell my to go nicely, I'm going to stay here for a while."  The guy says calmly but I can tell he's piss off with the way I talked to him.

"Let me say it so you can understand. Piss off or I'll make you leave!" I spit at him. The guy gets to his feet while his mate laughs. "And what are you going to do?" He says, his voice threatening. "Nothing. Unless you both leave. If you don't I'm going to hit you so hard you won't know the differnce between day and night!" I snarl at him, my knuckles turning white with anger.

"I wouldn't make threats if I was you." The guy snarls back at me. Cymbeline pushes the guy hard. "Don't you dare threaten my sister!" He yells at J. I've never seen my brother this angry in a long time.

The guy scowls at Cymb and punches him in the gut.

That's it! No one hurts my brother and gets away with it!

 "You arsehole!" I yell at him and punch him in the face even though he's a little taller then me. The guy stumbles back with shock and the force of my punch. I know that my eyes are now turning a silvery colour, the always do when I'm really angry.

The End

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