Bader - Interuption.Mature

I walk through the arch to have a bin shoved into my chest. "Hey man! Calm it!", I shout angrily. Then I look up to see someone staring at me thoughtfully. Thats nothing new. But she seems different, for some reason, I'm staring back.

Then she suddenly throws a scowl at me. "I am NOT a man thanks!", her tone is aggressive, but somewhat attractive. "Oh sorry, I didn't see you.", I reply." should have." We stand in a daydream for a few seconds before the other guy comes over.

"Chandra. Are you ok? Please don't get annoyed. It had to happen some time..." This makes her lash out at him in a sudden burst of fury and disapprovement. "IT DIDN'T HAVE TO HAPPEN! Mum could have lived the rest of her life with 3 sisters and us, all happy! But then this comes along and takes that away!" The boy stands for a while, trying to take in all that she has said. "It was fate Chan. Please don't be annoyed." Then he turns to me. "Sorry about her, she is traumatised."

"WHAT!? I am NOT traumatised!!!" Ok. My idea of coming down here and interupting was a stupid idea. They're having an argument. Wait...I might get some popcorn actually, this could be entertaining. Better than isolation anyway. "I'm just gonna sit over here ya no. or someing."

"Why are you here anyway?", the guy asks me. "Dunno really."

The End

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