Evelyn was annoyed, I could tell. I could always tell what mood she was in, and today she was definatly stressing over something. In fact, recently she'd been a bit distant with me, with everyone. Something was definatly on her mind.

It felt weird, not knowing what was wrong, as normally I always knew. With her being my twin, we were really close and if I couldn't guess what was up, it was guarenteed she would tell me.

"What's the matter, Eve?" I asked her, as we walked to school.

"School! I can't believe we have to go on our birthdays! It's a joke." She told me angrily.

"Come on, it won't be that bad. You will be center of attention, you'll love it." I joked. She didn't seem impressed.

"We will, you mean. It's your birthday too." She said. I just shrugged. I was used to being the quite one.

"Not as much as you, no one really notices me do they." She started to protest but then stopped. It was true, and she knew I was fine with that.

We walked the rest of the way in a mutual silence. We parted when we got there, as we were in different classes. I was in the higher sets, so we didn't share any lessons. Maths first, so I was happy. It was always good to start the day with maths. As I walked through the door though, I realised she hadn't told me what was wrong. Yeah she had said that about school, but I knew it was something else. I made a note to question her at dinner.

Looking out the window, when I was in lesson, I saw Cymbeline and Chandra. They were twins too, but a lot different to me and Eve. Chandra was a handful for the teachers, I had heard. I watched as Chandra stormed off, pushing a bin over while she was at it. Yep, definitly a handful. I wondered what had got her so angry. I didn't really know her or Cymbeline that well. Cymbeline was in my Biology but he tended to just sit there, and day dream. Like I was doing know, I thought.

"Ciro, factorize X squared, plus six X, minus 5" my teacher said snapping me out of my daze. Great. I loved equations.

The End

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