Bader - School,.Mature

I sit watching the birds in the sky for most of the lesson. Boring much? Ergh. Stupid isolation. I didn't even do anything?! This dude was shouting at my sis and obviously I aint gonna let him pick on her! So I went up to him and punched him right in the stomach. Hah that'll teach him. But yeah, err....turns out Miss Chaplin was watching me. She came over and was like "Blah, blah, blah, isolation, blah, blah, blah, blah, harsh, blah, blah, go now, blah, blah, blah, are you listening?!" So thats why I am stuck in isolation. It's so fricken gay. What was I supposed to do?! Stand there and watch??? I dont think so.

She better not tell mum I'm in isolation. Last time she did and mum shouted at me for like an hour. Now Elidi is supposed to 'look after me'. She's the one who needs looking after. But anyway, like I said, I'm stuck here. 

I look back out the window and see the boring grass, the boring trees, the boring kids. As usual...WAIT what???? Why are there 2 random kids down there???? At that moment Miss Chaplin comes in. "Bader are you...", she starts. "MISS. Why are them people down there??" She sighs at my usual butting in. "I gave them permission because they are discussing family troubles. And anyway it's none of your buisness..." "MISS. Are you serious?! My sister is getting bullied so I try to save her, isnt that family problems?!" She sighs again and walks out. ERGH. I hate it when teachers do that! Well I aint standing for it.

I stroll out of the room and head down to the bit of playground I was watching earlier. I don't care about teachers anymore. They can suck it. It takes me a while to get there because I am walking very slowly for some reason. But eventually I see the arch leading into the grassy area. I wonder if them people are still there? Hmm...lets go but in. I love it when I do that. Haha.

The End

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