I've always had to share things, my toys, my food, my bedroom, my clothes, my friends and even my birthday. That is because born three minutes ahead of me is Ciro is my twin brother. We are closer than any best friend, closer than any siblings, we like to think of ourselves as soul mates but recently I've had this feeling, a feeling which I cannot ignore. A feeling that soon, everything is going to change...

"Happy Birthday!" Call my parents as they come into out bedroom and some unearthly hour, I push a pillow over my head and hope that they'll go away.
The pillow is removed and pointing at my face is a video camera, I growl at my parents and get up, pushing the camera from out of my face. "It's you sweet sixteenth!" Mum smiles and hands me a gift, Ciro comes to my side, wraps his arms around me in a hug and kisses my cheek. "Happy Birthday Eve," he smiles.
"Happy Birthday to you too," I ruffle his hair, 

I unwrapped the small gift revealing a small box, I open it carefully and see a small necklace with a pendant hanging from it. The pendant is a moon, sparkling in the sunlight, "Is this real?" I ask amazed,
"It is rock from the moon, cost us a fortune but you're worth it," Dad replies.

I knew at the time the present represented something, something big. But looking back now, I had no idea what such a small lump of rock could do to change my future...



The End

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