Chandra StarrightMature

I drum my finger nails against the table, bored. I can hear someone trying to get my attention from behind me. I ignore them. Someone throws a papper ball at me. I spin around and glare at Shain.

"What?" I hiss at him. Shain smiles and points to his ipod. I roll my grey eyes (they are more silver in the dark) and smile. I nod to him, knowing that we are going to listen to it all through break. He's mouthing something to me but I can't make out what.

"Miss Starright? Are you listening?" My substitute maths teacher calls me. I ignore her. "Wait a minuet, I'm trying to work out what Shain is saying!" I say loudly, not looking at her. "What you on about Shain?" I call to him from across the room. He smiles at me. "Tell you later Chan." He says winking at me.

I roll my grey eyes again and turn back to the teacher. "Sup miss. Hows it going?" I ask her smiling. She stands there, not doing anything for a moment. I sigh. "What? You gonna stay there and not say nothing?" I blurt out, making miss go red with anger. "That's it Miss Starright! Get out of the classroom! Go on, get out!" Miss explodes. I scowl at her.

"You can't tell me what to do!" I yell at her, getting to my feet and staring down at her. I maybe 16 but I am very tall for my age. My hands are balled, I don't like people telling me what to do!I've got a very short temper a she's just made it blow!

There's a knock at the door and it opens to my twin brother, Cymbeline. His orange eyes look at my grey ones and sigh. He shakes his head at me. "Miss, I've come to take my sister out." He says, his voice far away, like normal, and nods to me. I smile and miss says it's okay for me to go.

I quickly go and grab my school stuff. I wink at Shain and he shakes his head at me, smiling. I walk out of class and text my best mate. I tell Shain that I'll meet him in the playground in our usual spot. I smile at Cymbeline as I close the door. "What's up Cymb?" I say, nudging him in the arm smiling.

The End

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