Xander's True Self?Mature

“I must hold on a little longer or we will all be dead,” Xander thought to himself.

The wave of plasma from the implosion bomb was so powerful. Xander was surely afraid that he would not be able to produce water fast enough to dissipate the immense heat coming off of the bomb.

Naga spoke in Xander’s ear with an eerie sneer, “Let go Xander you can save yourself you don’t owe these people anything. Your scales can protect you. So what if a few people know that inner abomination inside you. It is your true self.”

Xander was truly horrified by the thought that he was going to take her up on her offer to save his own half-breed hide. He shook these ideas from his mind as he looked at the sheer terror on Victoria’s face. She doesn’t even know him and yet she risks her own neck to get him out of a tight jam. He cannot just give up on her after all that, besides she promised him a date. Xander gathered all the water he could muster and kept creating the bubble around the three of them. His nose began to bleed as a sign of over use of his power but he could not give up. The moment the danger past and everyone was looking around for survivors Xander collapsed from exhaustion.

Xander awoke to hellacious world. The ground was blistered in fire and the sky and stars were blotted out by smoke so black you could swear it was sheer sin.

Xander called out in horror of absence of life. “Is anyone out there, hello? Can anyone help me? I’m lost and I don’t know where anyone is at. HELLO!”

Xander strained to listen for a voice as his eco rang back at him.  HELLO, HELlo, Hello, hello. Then there was complete silence.

A voice finally rang out, but it sound dark and roaring like a beast of great size and immense power. “I am here Xander. This is our world. We made it what it is today.”

“Who are you and what do you want from me? What do you mean our world?”

A great beast came out of the darkness. It was what Xander feared most of all. It was the full embodiment of his Morphoe half. Only due to his half-breed nature it was mutated into a more monstrous beast the size of an eight stories building.

“We did this Xander,” the beast spoke out,” we created this world out of our hatred for those who thought us a hell spawn. You should be thanking me. All those years of torment and exile are now turned to ash.”

Xander soon spoke out, “this is not what I wanted at all. This is why people think of us . . . I mean me as a monster, because you are lurking in the shadows trying to take control. I WILL NOT LET YOU OUT!”

Xander soon woke from his hellacious nightmare with sweat on his brow. He looks around the room and finds Victoria asleep in a chair across the room. With a weight lifted he reluctantly falls back into a sound sleep with no sign of the monster’s return this night.

The End

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