Victoria: Declaration of WarMature

It had been three days since the fight with Alixia.  Victoria was still sore from the fight, but on the bright side she had made a new friend. Alixia was a mysterious person, she never told her about her past and wouldn't answer any of her questions about where she received her training. She did take a liking to Penel and the two hung out a lot. That made Victoria feel good. She was glad that she had met some interesting people on her flight to Gothica.

Victoria was busy in her room packing her things. The Ship was closing in on Gothica, so all passengers were to pack their belongings and be at the landing bay in thirty minutes. There was a knock at her door. Victoria finished zipping up her suitcase and went to see who it was. She opened the door to see Penel and Alixia standing there.

She folded her arms. "What do you guys want?"

Penel giggled. " Well me and Alixia just wanted to help you pack. We finished already and thought you might need a hand."

Victoria rolled her eyes. "You know I'm not helpless." At this Alixia choked back a laugh. Victoria shot her a sharp look. "I'm sorry I have trouble fighting someone who knows every fighting style under the stars. Besides I just finished packing and I-" She was interrupted by an announcement over the intercom. "All passengers Report to the landing bay. We will be touching down shortly.

Victoria Grabbed her Suit case and scrambled down the hall, Alixia and Penel following close behind. Along the way she ran into Jerry, Makiisha, and Lenard Who followed them to the landing bay. The group finally made it to the landing bay and stood with the other teachers awaiting landing.

Lenard let out a big sigh. "It kinda sucks that the trip is about to end don't it? I was hoping to get Alixia here in on a rematch."

Alixia laughed out loud pulling her hood back. "Oh please, I floored you in one move. That was hardly even a fight!"

Lenard hung his head in shame. Which in turn made Victoria laugh. The Intercom went off again "All passengers prepare to leave the ship final landing procedures are being carried out."

Just then Creed walked up joining the group. "I see everyone is prepared to land."

Jerry let out a laugh. " Ye it seems the whole gang is here now."

Penel let out a slight giggle. "I am looking forward to teaching classes here."

Victoria was excited as well. She couldn't wait to set foot on Gothica for the first time. The red bay lights went off signaling that the docking door was opening. Victoria grabbed Pelnel's and Alixia's arms and ran ahead of all the teachers hoping to be the first ones out the door. She got ahead of the group of passengers just as the door opened. Victoria gazed out at the city in awe. It was way different from Tochoro. In fact it was like nothing she had ever seen before. The buildings all had a metallic surface and and blue energy coils going up the sides. Of course this was only the Central district which was controlled by the Alliance. The only district high tech enough to out shine this one would be the Southern District.

Alixia elbowed her hard. "If you keep gawking like that your face will get stuck."

Alixia walked past her down the docking steps, Victoria hurried after her with everyone else in tow. They were stopped by a group of people after getting off the steps. There were nine people lined up there. A girl from the group stepped forward. She was at least as tall as Alixia and had deep brown eyes and brown hair that she wore in a pony tale that reached to her ankles. Her figure was also over developed as well, like she was trying to seduce every guy in this district.

She spoke in a sharp voice. "My name is Tanya Nicail Terrata. I'm here representing the Galactic Alliance by escorting you to the Academy. Gothica is a very dangerous place so you never know when you may be attacked." She gestured to the people accompanying her. "These people represent each guild governing the other districts. First we have Guv Zia and Holly Rose from the Star Blood Vectors of the Northern District."

Victoria looked at them. Guv was handsome he wore an unbuttoned shirt that showed off the clearly defined muscles of his chest. He also wore baggy pants with a sword strapped to his side.  Holly was slightly shorter then him and she had deep black hair that reached her shoulders. Victoria couldn't see her eyes because she was leaning up against Guv's shoulder with her face buried there. She wore a light pink dress. and no weapons. Victoria couldn't help but think that she really didn't fit the whole I'm here to protect you theme.

Tanya continued introductions gesturing to two more people. " This is Bartholomue Haose and Karin Monavex. These two are here representing the Infernal Knights of the Southern District."

Bartholomue was not someone that Victoria really liked at first glance. He gave off the most evil aura she had ever experienced. His muscular build, short black hair, and red eyes didn't make it any better. He was also grinning very sadistically at her. It was very unnerving, because he was looking at her and her alone. Victoria found her self charging with electricity. Penel touched her shoulder calming her down. Karin elbowed Bartholomue hard causing his smile to vanish only to be replaced by a shameful look. Karin as opposed to Bartholomue was quite different from him. She had a small petite figure and rose pink skin. she also had blood red hair, and deep blood red eyes. She was truly beautiful. Tanya finished introducing the representatives from the Eastern Districts Maximus Raiders and the Western Districts Cromax Trigalleon. They didn't really catch Victoria's attention in fact she completely ignored their introductions.

Tanya grunted getting everyone's attention. " Now we are going to show you to the Academy. Do not stray from the group and do not attempt to talk to anyone suspicious looking. There is no telling how many people around here would be willing to catch and rape a woman unfamiliar with the city. or just catch anyone of you just for the pleasure of killing you. The ladies are in the most danger, but don't think that makes you safe boys. Feel free to talk to the guild representatives they are highly respected and won't attempt to kill you of course." With that Tanya finished speaking and gestured everyone to follow her.  Everyone followed her out of the docking bay and onto the street. She walked down the street rather quickly forcing everyone to pick up their pace. Victoria decided to make her way over to Guv and meet him since he was an interesting character to her. She reached him and tapped his shoulder.

He turned around with a smile. " Why hello, is there anything I can help you with young lady."

Victoria was a little dumbstruck she had not expected him to be so formal. "" Alixia moved in beside her distracting her. When she showed up guv laughed.

"I don't see why you need to be wearing that hood my dear." Alixia pulled her hood back revealing her face. Guv's face went to a state of shock. he continued to walked for several second before saying anything.

"When did you get out Alixia?" Victoria looked from Guv to Alixia then back to Guv a bit bewildered.

Alixia put her hood back up. " They released me from cryo awhile ago. I just recently escaped alliance HQ before grabbing some records on my parents. They claimed you as the godfather."

Guv grimaced and for a moment his eyes made him seem thousands of years old. " If they were alive today I would tell them how honored I am, but the fact remains that they both died in battle. In fact I was with your father when he died. Your mother, well...." Guv didn't finish his sentence. Instead he started another topic entirely.

"You must be good friends with Alixia here if she trusts you enough to talk about this in front of you."

Victoria was a bit confused at what was going on. " Um...I'm just going to save that conversation for later. I did want to ask you something though."

Guv perked up a bit and smiled " Sure what would you like to know?"

"Well, I wanted to ask you about that Bartholomue fellow. Whats his deal? His aura feels so twisted one moment and calm and collected the next. It's like he can't make up his mind weather to kill someone or run and hide like a bitch."

At this Guv stopped walking and burst out laughing. He doubled over he was laughing so hard. Tanya stopped and looked back with a frustrated look on her face. She started to walk over to Them slowly.

Guv was trying to catch his breath to answer her question, but he failed to and started laughing even harder. Tanya stopped short of Guv with her arms crossed firmly. She was holding a large mace in her right hand that seemed to be made of granite.

She spoke with a very hostile tone. "Guv! Why in the hell are you holding everyone up! Do you think I have time to sit here and dawdle while you laugh at jokes and flirt with girls!"

Guv's laughter subsided. He regained his breath and stood up straight. "Well Tanya I believe you were just going to challenge the first person who tried to speak with you, and then crush them into powder or some other needlessly violent action. That is all you have going through that muscle head of yours." At this Tanya took a full force swing at Guv which he caught with ease, but it created a large impact crater beneath his feat. She swung one of her legs up into his side connecting with a loud thud. The kick didn't faze him in the slightest. She continued to attack him from all directions, but to no avail. He either blocked them all or took them without effect.

Victoria whispered to Alixia. " Is she weak or something? She isn't even scratching him."

Alixia replied. "Take a look at the ground beneath him. It keeps rebuilding itself after every hit she lands on him. I'm guessing that she is doing that. Otherwise the impacts from her hits would have created a large crater by now. This is obviously put on so that the teachers here will think she is weak."

As if to prove a point Guv countered one of her hits with a palm thrust to her stomach which in turn sent her skidding backwards digging her into the pavement of the street several feet away. Karin stepped in with her hands pointed at both of them.

"That is enough you dumb shits! I have had enough of this show! Lets continue to the academy."

Tanya spit on the ground and stepped out of the hole she was in. She stomped the ground and fixed the street like it was nothing. " Fine! Don't think this is over Guv!"

Guv just smirked at her and everyone continued to walk to the academy. Twenty minutes later they arrived. The Academy was the largest building Victoria had ever seen before. It looked like the ancient Parthenon and the Colosseum mixed together. Their group entered the building to see the vast ceiling and red carpets. There were benches and at least a hundred different doors that lead to class rooms. Penel and Alixia were standing beside he sharing in her awe of the building.

Penel gave a short giggle. "This place is almost as big as my room back home."

Victoria turned to Penel jaw dropped. " ALMOST!"

Alixia laughed too and everyone walked over to a bench to have a seat before they were asked for their teachers ID. The guards were going around asking everyone for
ID. It didn't surprise Victoria at all. You never know if someone managed to slip by security. All though it did worry her that Alixia didn't have any ID.
One of the guards started to argue with someone from across the room. The man the guard was arguing with was unfamiliar. Victoria had never seen him before. She walked over to them leaving Alixia and Penel to gossip.

The guard was not happy he was shouting now. " I said that you need an ID! Present it now or be taken in to custody and punished by the board of United Guilds!"

The man he was yelling at was scratching his head. "I'm sorry but i can't find my ID. I think I lost it on the flight over."

The guard was having none of it. " If you don't have an ID I'll be placing you under arrest!"

Victoria stepped in. " I can vouch for him!" The guard looked over at her with a stern look.

"And you are miss? Give me you ID!" Victoria handed him her ID card.

"This is my friend, Loyd. He was with me during the trip over here. Anyone in this room that was with me will tell you the same thing."

The guard looked at them both sternly then closed his eyes letting out a sigh. "Fine! I'll make an exception. Next time you get on a flight don't lose your damn ID! The guard handed Victoria her ID back and marched off. The man she had just helped was about to walk away when she grabbed his arm and dragged him back to the bench were Penel and Alixia were sitting still. When they got there Victoria turned around and put her finger in his chest.

"Ok buddy, first you are going to tell me who you are and why you stowed away on the flight that brought us here!"

The man had a grin on his face. "You know now that I look at you. You are pretty. You wanna go on a date with me?"

Alixia and Penel burst out laughing at hearing this.

Victoria shot them a sharp look making them shut up. She turned back to the man she had saved. "Just who the hell are you."

The man exclaimed. "Oh that's right! You don't even have my name yet! I'm Xander nice to meet you. So how about that date?"

Victoria threw her hands up in frustration. This man was really getting to her, but now that she looked he wasn't that bad looking. His spiky dark green hair really brought out the color of his eyes. His eyes were strange though. They were red with yellow slit pupils. He seemed a bit rough looking as well with a stubborn chin and pronounced cheekbones. He wore a plain grey shirt and blue jeans. He really isn't that bad looking at all. Victoria shook her head clearing her mind of such thoughts. The last thing she needed was a relationship, but a small one wouldn't be bad would it?

Victoria sighed. "Fine I'll give you one date."

At that moment a loud click sounded in the middle of the room. Victoria looked over to see a bag sitting unattended. A brief thought went through her mind. Is that a bomb? The room shook with a small tremor. Victoria stood there completely shocked. She couldn't speak to warn anyone, she was to shocked. Why would someone put an implosion bomb in the Academy? The second shock wave rocked the building and by this time everyone was alerted, but it was to late. Victoria watched in horror as the first blast of plasma incinerated Lenard and six other people standing by the bag the device was in. The plasma wave continued to move toward her. Everything was happening in slow motion for her. Just as the Wave of plasma was about to reach her she felt herself falling to the ground. She looked to see Xander covering her with his body. It was strange now because he was covered in scales and had wings and a tail as well. The plasma wave stopped just short of them and receded back to the device. Everything went back to normal speed for her.

Everyone was shouting now. There was panic all around. Victoria found her voice just in time to warn everyone. "IT'S NOT OVER TAKE COVER!!!"Alixia pushed Penel down on top of her and Xander and started using her power to cover them in thick ice. It was pitch black under all the ice.  Victoria started counting down from five knowing when the final plasma burst would go off.

Xander spoke up breaking her count down. "Hold your breath!"

Victoria did as she was told taking a deep breath and their shelter filled with water. Just in time too because the final tremor rocked the ground beneath them. the wave of plasma eradicated the ice around them. Victoria's vision was blinded by the shear heat and brightness of the plasma surrounding their bubble of water. She looked over to see Xander cringing and bleeding from the nose. He was generating water faster then the plasma could evaporate it. After several seconds of intense heat and brightness the plasma wave dispersed. the water around Victoria, Penel and Xander dispered as well and Xander was unconscious bleeding from his nose and ears. Victoria rolled him off of her and stood up seeing the molten remains of the academy. The man known as Bartholomue was stander on the other side of the place were the bomb was with his arms wrapped around someone. He didn't have a scratch on him. He stood up as well help the person he was shielding up. It was Karin, and she didn't have a scratch on her either. She looked just to the right of her to see a figure crouched and covered in black smoking scales with wings wrapped around someone. The figure stood up. The wings receded into its back and it traded scales for skin with scars. The only stitch of clothing it had was a loin cloth with a sword strapped to it. It took Victoria a moment to realize that it was Guv. Alixia stood up from in front of him with a large snake hanging around her neck. The snake slithered off her to the ground and became human, it was Holly.

Guv brushed off his shoulders before calling out. "Is there any other survivors!"

Victoria choked out a "Here" Followed by a rumbling in the ground. A big black pillar of iron shot up out of the ground and splitting in half revealing Tanya and Jerry. Tanya raised her hand and spoke "Here!"

Victoria collapsed to her knees. She had been power less throughout the whole incident and she had lost several hundred colleagues and three good friends. Their names stung her mind. Creed, Lenard, and Makiisha. Tears were welling up in the corners of her eyes.

A hand touched her shoulder. She turned to see Penel sitting beside her. "It's going to be ok Victoria."

A loud voice boomed through the area Victoria turned to look at the square outside the ruins of tha Academy. The big Jumbotron had five seperate images on it. A voice was playing over these images. "Greed! War! Murder! That is what Haragroff City revolves around. Not Just Haragroff City, but every city, nation or empire aligned to the Galactic Alliance. I declare war on all of you harbingers of light. Who am I you may ask. I am The last of my species. My name is Eros. I am Zothian!"The Screen Flicked to an Image of a heavily muscled man with jet black skin and no hair. Even his face had muscle. His eyes were swirling rainbow colors that seemed to change pattern by the second. He continued to speak. " I have destroyed the Alliance's pathetic Academy, and all four governing guild halls the lead this city." The Screen flicked back to the Images from before. Victoria realized that they were molten remains of buildings. " I have also attacked the Alliance' HQ on Shath, The Order of Nights Capitol on Sarathose, Marcreace. The Capitol of Tachoro, Vandamere City and The Capitol of Lumariah, Lunaveski. I have killed Yana Ralishra, Leader of the Galactic Alliance. I have done all this within minutes. If you wish to join me in taking over this universe. Go to the Docking bay in four days at noon. If you wish to stand against me.....well.....I suggest you consult your gods."

The Screen cut to black Victoria was stunned.  She couldn't believe this was happening. Guv spoke up breaking her trance. "Ok, everyone who can move look for wounded. After that I'm going to take you to a safe place."

Victoria stood up shakily. This was all crazy. A war against the Alliance! Yana dead! She was the most powerful Lightning Wielder in the Galaxy, trained by Nicolas Lightningbane himself! There was no way this is true! Victoria found herself breathing faster and faster. She couldn't stop her vision was starting to go black in places. She lost consciousness.

The End

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