Powers In The ForestMature

Yesubi sprinted after the doe, bounding and jumping over logs and fallen tree branches, that lie in the path. Tarathan run close behind bringing up the back. The doe made a sharp turn, but as she quickly tried to adjust her direction she slipped and started to fall for the forest floor. Just before she was about to hit, soft paws caught her and lifted her back up

"Careful" Tarathan said, and gave her a gentle push in the direction they needed to go.

"Thanks Tarathan she said gratefully as they continued their pursuit of the doe, now far ahead of them. "Lets catch up shall we?" She reached out and grabbed Tarathan's hand, and summoned the power of the wind to her will. She and Tarathan lifted off into the air and flew off towards where the doe was running. They flew above the doe, and when it skidded to a halt next to a big bush, Yesubi drew the air from underneath them away, and they fell down towards the ground. At the last second she put a cushion of air under them, and it slowed them until their feet lightly touched down on the ground. 
          Yesubi hurried to the does side anxious to finally see the problem. There lying underneath the bush was a bleeding faun. Suddenly it clicked. This was the same faun she had seen earlier, the same one with her faun headed down to the Borodro River. Yesubi inspected the faun and found the source of the bleeding. There was a huge bite in the fauns     side, it looked like a fox by the bite marks. It made sense too. Foxes commonly made their dens by the sides of the river. The doe and her faun were most likely ambushed.
          The doe coughed and hacked up some blood and the mother stamped its foot and cried out in alarm. Yesubi remained calm and laid her hands on the faun. She called upon her power, the one that had saved Tarathan all those years ago. light flowed from her palms onto the faun, and the fauns breathing slowed, its chest rising and falling. The blood stopped flowing, and the wound slowly started to close. The fan blinked, and confused struggled to its feet. The mother bounded over and nudged the faun lovingly. It glanced back at Yesubi and gratefully looked at her. It then turned and started to walk away.

"Well done Tarathan praised her, "Your powers are growing stronger." She nodded in thanks started to gather dirt and leaves to cover the blood that lingered on the ground still. The scent of blood would attract more predators, which could endanger the forest animals. She wearily made her way back to the shack, to exhasuted to use her powers now. When they reached to shack it had grown dark, and they both entered and went to their separate quarters. She collapsed into bed tired from the days events on top of her training, slowly her eyes closed and she drifted off to sleep....

The End

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