Tanya: Bored and WaitingMature

Tanya was left sitting on a chair she fashioned out of her obsidian weapon. She was waiting for the ship full of new combat teachers to arrive at the Gothica. Being the daughter a member of The Alliance gives her certain responsibilities. Her mother asked her to escort the teachers safely off of the ship and lead them to the school where they will be teaching.

“I’m so bored I could beat up a whole team of shipmates.”

Tanya looks around for random people to pick a fight with. She is so well known around there that no one cares if she picks a fight. All the ship rights in that area spar with her on a regular basses due to her lack of control towards new comers to the city. They all say she brings bad business to the port with her foul attitude. Even with that said they would help out in any jamb she got into.

“Hay Loeby, do you have any one I can fight while I wait for these so called combat teachers to arrive.”

Loeby is one of the ship rights that work at the ship yard. Loeby always wore a suit and top hat with a frog sitting on it. He never talks except through the frog like a ventriloquist. Even though he works at the ship yard he never seems to get his suit dirty even when he gets into fights with some of the “unruly” customers.

“Ribbit, sorry Tanya, we cannot fight you today. Ribbit, everyone is very busy trying to clean up the ship yard from the last fight you caused with that group of bandits.”

Tanya gave off an angry glare at Loeby who only gave back a blank expression.

“Those bandits got what they deserved for grabbing my ass. They are just lucky that they are not dead. Besides you helped me fight those guys.”

“Ribbit, we only fought them because they decided not to pay us for the repairs to their ship.”

Tanya decided to leave at that when one of the other ship rights called for Loeby. She was growing tired of waiting. She was desperately hoping that the teachers would get there soon that way she could test out to see who was the strongest.

The End

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