Havic: Taking a beatingMature

Finding Lilyana wasn't a problem, but the fact that she was part of the most powerful guild in the North District. Now that was a problem, but never the less Havic found her. He followed her quietly from his position on the roof of a warehouse. She was still wearing that black cloak so he couldn't see her face, but he didn't need to see her face to capture her. He had been following her ever since she left the guild hall. His guess, she was going to pick up the sword now. The thought filled his mind with glee. After all, his goal was to revive the god of fire, and to do such a thing one needed that gods legendary weapon.

She made a turn around a corner picking up some speed doubling back around another alley Havic noticed she had something in her arms now. When did she pick that up? She picked up speed bolting back to her guild hall. Havic cursed under his breath. She obviously knew she was being followed. He bolted after her making sure to stay hidden in the shadows. She made the final turn in the square that held her guild hall, but instead of going to her guild hall she went to the renovated guild hall right beside it. Perfect, Havic thought to himself. He jumped down into an alley and walked out into the square making his way over to the former Guild Hall which was now known as the Spearhead Mansion. He walked up the steps and melted the handle off the door gaining entry. Kicking the door in he made his entrance.

"Now you see, that you are going to pay for."

Havic looked to his right to see who the speaker was. It had to be Lilyana, the girl he had been tailing.

She continued to speak. " I don't know why you followed me but i am glad you did I have some questions for you."

Havic let out a laugh. " Oh my deer I have some for you as well."

He dashed at her catching her off guard and picked her up by her shoulders pinning her against the wall on the right side of the room. He smiled as he held her there. He had been worried for nothing. She would be easy enough to deal with. She was just a girl after all. She let out a giggle as he tightened his grip on her.

" And just what do you think is so funny girly! Your life is in my hands and its all mine to play with."

She giggled again. " Oh, its just the fact that you touched me and he never likes other guys touching me."

At that moment Havic could feel a massive surge of energy building to his left. He turned his head to be greeted by a bolt of lightning to his face that sent him skidding backwards several feet.

A male voice addressed him from some were in that direction. " Your first mistake, Following Lilyana. Your second mistake, forcing entry into this mansion, and your third and biggest mistake was touching her."

Two more bolts of lightning hit him sending him off his feet and through one of the windows. Havic groaned feeling the glass in his back as he stared up at the night sky. A shadow grabbed his leg and dragged him back into the mansion through the broken window raking him with more glass. Havic heated himself up prepared to fight back now. He was dragged to the center of the room Lilyana was standing to his right from were he was at. He tossed his hand up sending a sea of flames at her engulfing her completely. To his shock when the flames dissipated the only thing in ashes was her cloak, revealing her beautiful red hair, and bright pink eyes. His eyes grew wide as he realized his situation. The bitch is a fire user! He flipped to his feet only to be blasted back down to the ground by a lightning bolt. Lilyana walked over to him and knelt beside him.

"Now I would like to start with my first question." Havic threw a punch at her. It was blocked by a wall of shadow that grabbed his hand sending him into the air. As he flew up a shadowed person appeared above him kicking him into the ground. Havic hit hard spewing up blood on impact. He groaned looking over to the shadowed person who had kicked him. She came into the light revealing her silky black hair, and purple eyes. She obviously had the power of shadow. She was gorgeous, just as gorgeous as Lilyana. She walked over to him and put her foot to his chest. He responded by heating his body up scorching her shoe. She jumped back kicking her shoe of as it burst into flames.

She looked to the back corner and shouted. " Raven do something about this guys power! I can't torture him if he is using his power to heat himself up."

From the corner were the Lightning had been coming from a man stepped out. He had dark blue hair and eyes that swirled with numerous shades of blue and white. He held up his right hand electricity sparking off of it.

He looked over to the girl that had called for him. "Fine Kamina, I'll paralyzed him. He won't recover for at least forty-eight hours."

Havic realized that if he was going to escape now was the time to do it. He flipped to his feet rushing forward and grabbing Kamina by her throat lifting her into the air. Raven started sparking electricity around the room hesitant about shocking Kamina.

Lilyana started to close the gap from behind him but he lighted his fist on fire and held it to Kamina's face.

He grinned as she stopped. " One more move from either of you and I'll melt her face off."

Lilyana had a look of shock on her face. " You bastard!" Fire was starting to cover her shoulders and arms now. She was obviously very angry.

Havic started to laugh. " Now I'm going to ask the questions! First question!" He pointed at Lilyana.  "Were is the sword at!"

She had a puzzled look on her face. "What!? We thought you had the sword!" She pulled out a piece of parchment tossing it on the ground before him.

He cursed himself for jumping to conclusions. They didn't have the sword after all. A sharp pain went through his back. He looked at his chest to see a black blade sticking out of it. Someone had stabbed him through the back! From the position of the blade he could tell it was piercing his right lung. He released Kamina as he fell to his knees coughing up blood. He was getting very light headed now. Blood loss is a bitch. Havic fell on his side his vision getting blurry. He could see Kamina's feet right in front of him, and could hear everyone talking to each other, but it was getting more and more distant.

Lilyana spoke first. " Damn Kami why did you let him stab him there. We needed him alive."

"Don't worry Flodeh didn't kill him we can get him to Sashire and she will...."

Havic faded out of conciousness.

The End

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