The CallMature

Bustling crowds. Not that it mattered much. It was a usual day in the port. Akako never liked ports much, due to the fact that people rumbled the sound waves around her with useless talk. 

Still, she didn't mind all that much. Let people wander around their useless lives. That's what she's been doing for a long time. Akako held her brail ticket as she held her staff close to her side. It glowed faintly. "Flight 34B from Sarathose to Gothica is boarding in 30 minutes." Her eyes of fog looked down at the ground, guessing she was looking at her feet. 

She remembered the letter she received. It was from an old friend of hers, whom she grew up with for a little while. Of coarse she was rather fond of him, but not in the usual friendship sense. It was complicated, the friend being human. 

"Akako, I hope you're not busy. This is not very urgent, but I have arrived in Gothica. I know it's somewhere you haven't travelled to, so I thought perhaps I could meet you. I'm quite excited to see you again! I haven't seen you since we were kids. Well, I hope to meet you at the port. -- Sora ." She sighed and sat down in a chair, being careful that she didn't fall. 

Akako looked up towards the starry sky. She could never see it, never seeing the glinting lights that everyone wishes and dreams on. Hearing the call for boarding, she got up slowly.

This was going to be a rather long day. 

The End

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